Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? By Jonathan Quek

Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? - Jonathan Quek

Title: Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?
Sub-Title: How You Can Profit From Precious Metals

This book shares on the intuitions of silver investment and how it can turns your life around. Through the book, the author will take you on a journey of a lifelong fulfillment in new decade of silver investment.

About The Author:
Jonathan Quek is Asia’s Youngest Wealth Coach. As an authority in the field of Wealth Creation & Financial Management, Jonathan is currently a leading financial speaker, trainer, author and alternative investment practitioner. Being a regular guest speaker on the Asian conference circuit, Jonathan has been receiving invitations to a long list of financial giants, corporate organizations and education institutions all year round. Jonathan has been much sought after by the media on personal financial tips and was interviewed on TV2, New Straits Times, Gorgeous Magazine, Feminine, and The Malay Mail. Jonathan is the founder of SilverMalaysia.com and the co-founder of True North Asia, a trailblazing alternative investment firm in Malaysia.

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