When Is The Best Time To Plant A Tree

When is the best time to plant a tree?

The 1st best answer is 10 years ago. The 2nd best answer would be NOW! If you have invested in silver 10 years ago, you would have bought silver below $5 and you could sell your silver now for about $30. That is almost 600% increase in value in 10 years! If you did not buy any silver 10 years ago, now probably is the 2nd best time to buy some silver.

Interesting, there are so little people know about the value of silver. Last week, I showed a video to test how much people know about gold price, this week, the video is to show how little people know about silver price. Although silver price is traded for around USD30, most people would NOT even buy it for 1 dollar. When come to investing, many people don’t make money simply because they don’t truly understand buy low, sell high. They might have heard of the terms, but they never truly understand and practice “buy low, sell high”. Well, the reality is, when they don’t even know the true value of something, how could they buy low and sell high?

This video is the best example:

2 precious metal gurus – David Morgan and Mike Maloney are discussing silver in their car. They discussed the role of gold and silver. If gold suddenly disappeared from the world, nothing is going to change. Everything will still be the same because gold has very little industrial application. However, if our modern life do not have silver, no modern technology would ever exist and we will be living in stone age!

For the first time, if we take all the gold and silver available in the world, there are 5 times more gold than silver for investment. Investment grade gold & silver are those that have at least 99.9% purity. There are about 3-5 billion oz of gold available for investment but there are only 1 billion oz of silver available for investment.

Below are one of the conversations we have in Malaysia Silver Investor Membership. One of the member asked me some questions which I think it could benefit more people if I post it in this blog. For privacy concern, I have blurred the name of the members.


In the membership platform, we have members coming from different level of investment experience. Not only myself ready to answer any question raise by members, many other experienced members are also generously sharing information, advice, and news updates to the rest of the members.

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