Gold Silver Ratio

The gold silver ratio is frequently analyzed by investors, traders and speculators. These people use it to determine which metal is overvalued. Precious metal enthusiasts are familiar with the gold silver ratio, but most casual investors are baffled by the term and what it means.

Take a look at an interview video from one of the silver experts, David Morgan.

Simply put, the gold silver ratio tells how many ounces of silver it would take to buy a single ounce of gold. Traditionally, the gold silver ratio was used by governments to determine the ratio of gold coins minted to silver coins minted. The first US gold/silver ratio was set by the government in 1792. Fifteen ounces of silver coin could be minted for every one ounce of silver. That means the gold silver ratio was 15:1. The ratio has occasionally Continue reading

Mike Maloney Gold & Silver Insights 2012

Leigh Greenberg speaks with Mike Maloney on price action, inflation/deflation, international diversification, counterfeits and more.

In this interview, Mike Maloney is discussing the issue on prices spikes of gold and silver in 2008 compared to 2011. Gold and silver investors taking advantage of lower prices. He also answered whether how healthy is this bull market. He reaffirmed that gold and silver are money, not just a commodity. Continue reading

Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney answers a question asked at the Casey Research Summit: “What would you change about your book (Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver) if you were to re-release it today?” He explains the difference between the precious metals bull market of the 1970’s when he was growing up and the tremendous growth he can foresee in the years ahead.

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