Silver The New Shine by Dr Kong Voon Sin

Silver The New Shine by Dr Kong Voon Sin

Title: Silver The New Shine
Sub-Title: Your Timeless Investment And Protection In An Uncertain World Of Paper Money

Through the book, you will find a new knowledge about how silver can make the world goes around. One of the amazing truths about silver is that the demand has surpassed the supply for 16 straight years since 1990. Thus, the book can help you to start investing in silver ─ in the right direction!

About The Author:
Dr Kong Voon Sin was as Chartered Accountant. He decided to retire and go full-time into living. He is a member of an Education Fund which supports poor students, an old Putera of RMC and an active member for Rotary for the last 30 years. He was Chairman for the Malaysian Hypertension Club, Chairman of the Malaysian Healing Chi Association and also committee member for Strategy Committee for Rotary and also a trainer for The Rotary Foundation. Apart from being a silver dealer and speaker, he sings with the Selangor Philharmonic Society, dances contemporary, an author and yoga practitioner. His mission today is to transform lives through safe investments and financial education while having the ZEST FOR LIFE!

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