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Silver items price might be varied at the point of publishing this article and the point of visitor visiting Silver Street website.

Silver items price might be varied at the point of publishing this article and the point of visitor visiting Silver Street website.

Silver Street by AA Stackers Enterprise is one of the fastest growing silver dealers in Malaysia that provides affordable silver investment items to the general public. I have personally met up with the founder, Afham Aziz several times for multiple purchases. I found he is reliable, professional and provide valuable service for silver investors. He is someone I would pleasantly deal with again.  Below is an interview I recently have with Afham on 6th May 2013.

==== Begin of Interview ====

daniel-fooDaniel ( Hi Afham, I have seen you started your silver store since day-1, where your web-store only started with 4-5 products until you now have a professional and comprehensive e-commerce website, Yourselves being the founder of Silver Street, what made you so determined and passionate on  providing silver investment items to Malaysians?

Afham AzizAfham (Silver Street): Actually, business is my passion. I always aim to become a successful businessman. To achieve my target, I never give up looking for a good opportunity. In year 2011, a friend of mine has shared his interest in gold investing. His convincing perspective and information, has become an eye opener. The feeling to involve in silver investment business becomes stronger when I found that within 1 year (2011 -2012), there was a 30% gain in gold price. So, I did a lot of research and study about precious metal price movement. My research has provided me with the understanding that silver has better prospect than gold.

Daniel: I have personally bought from you a couple of times. You have proven that you do provide great service to your customers; I have no doubt on what you have just said. So, do you think silver has good potential?

Afham: Customer satisfaction is always my priority in my business approach and I am glad that you are happy dealing with me. To be honest, I never think any other business that has potential as good as silver. Comparing to gold, silver has larger market segment as well as affordable to all levels.

Daniel: Why?

Afham: Most of us know that silver is widely used in our daily life. Computer, hand phone, photography equipment and any other electronic devices need silver as the best conductor and the demand for these products are increasing over the time. When we were in younger age, computer and hand phone were luxury items but today, they are a need in our life. This demand will increase in future where the silver supply is decreasing. Hence, bullish momentum in silver will continue.

Daniel: Let’s get back to your web store, do you think it is safe to buy silver online these days?

Afham: Yes, definitely. Even we do not provide insurance as Malaysian courier does not cover for precious metal, but we never face any missing or undelivered parcel. Also, we guarantee you that our silver bar and coin are genuine. We did random test on stocks from time to time and all of them passed the test. If customer wants to ensure that silver they bought are genuine, they can get an Densimeter scale from our online store.

Daniel: How do you ensure your customers really received what they have paid for? Well ok, let me put this plainly, how can the customers make sure that after they paid you money, they would not be cheated?

Afham: We have 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If any customers are not happy with their purchased products, we will offer 100% refund of the product’s price. Just let us know within 7 days. By the way, our market is not only limit to Malaysian. We have our customers in other nations like Brunei and we even sold and shipped to customer in Europe. They trust us, why don’t you?

Daniel: That’s impressive. I just visited your web-store 15 minutes ago, I saw your web-store have so many silver items, which item should investors start looking at? 

Afham: Silver buyers are divided into 2 categories – one is collector and another is investor. We have covered both categories. For collectors, they may look at our Lunar Series range as the mintage of 1oz coins is just 300,000 pcs worldwide and all of them were sold out at mint. Even its premium is little high, but it offers stability and uniqueness. Stability in price is very important especially when silver price is so volatile these days. Another group of buyer is investors and they often look for lowest premium possible. We have silver bars and famous low premium coins – Canadian Maple Leaf and American Silver Eagle (ASE) to win this group. We believe, our price are among the lowest in the market.

Daniel: That’s a good piece of advice. When I first started investing in silver, no one ever gives this sort of advice and I was kinda lost by trying out things one by one – which was a really painful lesson! To certain extend, I even lost money for buying wrong type of silver. You know, that’s why now I’m dedicated to provide silver investment education in my blog and my eBook.

Afham: Doing something that we are not really good at is a risk. I myself experienced all those ups and downs but the most import is we learn from it – be it good or bad experience. To keep risk as low as possible, I read a lot about precious metal investment and your blog was one of them. I would say, your articles played big part in my decision to involve in this business. I think, I have to thank you for such a good and informative articles.

Daniel: You are welcome. Alright, let’s wrap this up, if I want you to provide 1 most important silver investment advice, what would that be?

Afham: Before anyone start, educate yourselves about silver investment. Knowledge is the king. Once you think you are ready, buy silver consistently every week or month to get the best out of it. It is always better to prepare for the worst than merely praying for the best.

Daniel: That is another great advice. So, if people want to find out more about the silver items you are selling, how can they reach you?

Afham: Your readers may take a look at our online store, They also can reach me at +60 13 926 6600 or email if they have any inquiries.

Daniel: Ok, thank you very much for your time!

Afham: You’re welcome.

==== End of Interview ====

Silver Malaysia eBookTo find out more about silver investment in Malaysia, take a look at the eBook: Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysia

2 thoughts on “Silver Street

  1. Thanks Daniel! This price of the products offered in the website is cheaper compare to the company that I usually buy from. But also have to consider the shipping fee of RM 8 because the company that I usually bought will waive shipping fee once bought over RM 500

    • Very simple JokerAce, at the end of the day it is the final cost that matters to you. If you buy the exact same items from another company, what is the final cost there? I’m sure you can make a decision after comparing final cost.

      Very often the so-called free delivery is already factored into the product price. So, instead of charging you a delivery fee, they sell you a more expensive items to offset the delivery fee. The delivery fee still comes out from your pocket, the “free delivery” makes you “feel” better about your purchase. Again, when you look at the final cost, you can tell who offers a better price overall.

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