Silver Coin Malaysia

Before you buy silver coin Malaysia, first you need to understand that coin is also known as legal tender. Coin is issued by the respective governments and has face value. Example of coins are American Silver Eagle (ASE), Canadian Maple Leaf (Maple), Philharmonic (Phil), Chinese Panda, etc. Coins usually have finer details on the silver. The design is usually much more attractive and beautiful compared to silver round. In Malaysia, the best selling silver items are silver coins. First is ASE and second is Maple. If you are starting out in silver investment, go for ASE and Maple. Between these 2, I highly encourage you to buy ASE. ASE has silver purity of 99.9% while Maple has silver purity of 99.99%. Milk spot is relatively easily grown on Maple compared to ASE. The condition could be as bad as even when you bought Maple from overseas, milk spot is already on the Maple coin. All the above coins are not originally minted in Malaysia. But they are common silver coin Malaysia.

silver coin malaysia

Silver Coin Malaysia

Cleaning milk spot could be a very tedious job if you have a large amount of silver to be cleaned. If you are paying the same amount of money for both ASE and Maple, why bother to pay for additional problem? Another thing to take note on buying coin is there is 15% tax (tariff code HS7118) if you are importing silver from overseas. This is the reason why you might find some sellers are selling silver coin Malaysia more expensive than silver bar and silver round. However, there are dealers who managed to smuggle silver coin Malaysia and bypass the Kastam and tax, therefore their price for silver coin Malaysia is cheaper. Do note that among coins, they carry different premium. Some premium are higher and some are lower. Higher premium means the coin is more expensive. Lower premium means the coin is cheaper. Some premium is worth paying for due to certain characteristic such as limited mintage. However not all premium is worth paying for. I advise for a start, do not invest in high premium silver coins.

You probably do not know whether certain premium for silver coin Malaysia is worth paying for yet. If we compare silver with real estate, consider low premium silver as a medium class apartment while high premium silver like exclusive bungalow. For most novice silver investors, it is safer to invest in medium class apartment. In other words it is much safer to to invest in low premium coin.


  1. Beautiful and attractive design. Well accepted by silver investors.
  2. Easiest to liquidate silver coin Malaysia (compared to bars and rounds).


  1. 15% tax if you are importing from overseas. If you are buying from local dealers, most dealers have already included the tax into the price.
  2. Some coins carry very high premium, if you are not familiar with premium game very likely you end up losing money.

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