Silver Breakout – To Buy Or To Wait?

On 21 August, I wrote a post titled: Silver Price Explode 2012. Market started to get exciting and silver price closed at $30.82 last Friday. Without a doubt silver price has its breakout. It is being trapped into the flag since May 2011 and finally has it breakout now.

There was a reader got a little too excited with the price moving straight up for 3 days and bought 20oz of physical silver. Right after he bought them, silver price started to fluctuate around $30.50 and did not go up much. He started to get worried and asked me what happened. Well, silver price does not move up continuously for many days without any pull back. We need to set our expectation right. I repeat, silver price will not going up straight consecutively for 30 days without any pull back.

Anyway, the questions I have been getting for the past few days are:

  • Should I buy silver now?
  • Should I wait?
  • How high will silver price goes?
  • Will silver price come down?
  • When is the best entry point now?

I will answer all the questions above with the following diagram and give you a “suggestion” what you should do later on.

Referring to the graph, there was quiet a resistance at price $30.50 (end of 2011) that stops silver price from going up. Although silver price broke out, silver price is now hitting the similar resistance like what happened in end of 2011.

I won’t bore you with a bunch of technical analysis, let’s get straight to the point of what does it mean and what we should do.

  1. Silver price breakout, that’s for sure and it is a good sign that silver price was moving up in the long term. We are targeting silver price to go up to $35-$40 by end of 2012 and $50-$65 by end of 2013.
  2. If you did not follow my “suggestion” to buy when price was $26-$27, what should you do now? Should you wait any longer or buy now? Obviously, the short answer is “Don’t wait, buy now. Silver price is going to move up much higher, this is just the beginning.” Right now the price is about $30, imaging when price went up to $60 by end of next year, you will be beating yourself for not taking action now. (Just like how you didn’t buy property in KL / Penang during year 2008 / 2009?)
  3. For short term, silver price is facing a possible pull back at $30.50. If you want to be cautious, you might want to wait for silver price to break $32 before entering. Personally, I do not like betting the price to go up or come down. If I have RM200, I will spend RM100 to buy silver now. If silver price does pull back, good, I will spend the remaining RM100 to buy cheap silver; if silver price continues to go higher, great! I will spend the remaining RM100 to buy again the catch the bull trend. There is no right or wrong method but that’s how I will do it myself and how I have been advising my eBook readers and lifetime membership members.

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