Sell Back Silver In Malaysia

This following infographic are provided by my friend Jay Tiew Jin Jie. He is also the founder of Melaka Silver Group.

Alternatively, you can also consider downloading this eBook written by my another friend Ikram Adi who is also an expert in local silver market. In this eBook, he has included a case study on how he analyzes the silver price movement and how can anyone take advantage of the price movement. Click here to download… 

4 thoughts on “Sell Back Silver In Malaysia

  1. Hi Daniel, in your opinion,which type of physical silver will have more value?is it the silver bar or the silver coin? And why does some physical silver does not come with certificate? I plan to buy physical silver in is it safe?

    • In terms of value, both silver bar and silver coins are the same. However, the premium that you pay for between silver bar and coin – silver coin has a higher premium. Generally speaking, silver that does not come with certificate is generic silver that is suitable for value investment, the premium is usually lower. Some silver that comes with certificate are more of premium grade. Unless you are buying specific numismatic silver, the certificate does not matter too much. Even when some buyers who buy back the silver do not give too much concern on the certificate but they will do water density check to verify the content. The above comment is applicable to most silver bar and coins, but no doubt there are be couple of exceptions.

  2. you know how to spot a fake silver by physical eyes? I once watch a tv show name the pawn shop, they use a drill to drill the silver bar and take those silver powder from the silver bar and burn it to check the changes of colour then determine whether is real or fake.

    • Yes I can, because I spent quiet a lot of time playing with the fake silver. But for most people, it might be a little challenging and it does take some skills to do it. For a more scientific approach, consider getting this:

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