RM65 Per Oz Silver

In Malaysia silver market, actual transacted price sometimes is usually slightly below display price. For example, if an item is displayed for sales for RM105, you can probably get it for RM104 or RM103 (if you are willing to negotiate with the seller). Some sellers are willing to reduce the price and some wouldn’t. You can considered yourself being lucky if the seller is giving you a few ringgit discount.

When the market price for 1 oz silver is RM 110, at what price do you consider yourself got a good deal? Most people will say RM100 is a very good price. Anything below RM100 such as RM98 would be totally crazy!

Well in my case, it is 40% below market price. I bought my silver at RM 65. Here is the transaction statement. The company quoted me RM65.

And RM 65 is exactly how much I paid for. Nothing more nothing less.

How is this possible? The silver is bought from My Silver Accumulator. The program member is able to buy silver at such big discount because the program is rewarding members who are willing to share silver investment opportunity with others.

Silver investment is an investment opportunity of lifetime! It would be very self fish if we do not encourage others to invest in silver. My Silver Accumulator is a silver investment program very suitable for beginner and intermediate silver investor in Malaysia. By introducing them to this investment platform, the member would receive 2% discount for each oz that they purchase.

In other words, by encouraging other Malaysians to start investing in silver, we could get 2 major benefits.

  1. Helping our friends and family members get ready in for the coming financial crisis by getting started in silver investment
  2. You would receive 2% as discount (commission) whenever the member you signed up purchase 1 oz of silver.

I recommend you to find out more about this program before drawing a conclusion. You can go to Google and type in “My Silver Accumulator” and see what others are saying about the program. Alternatively, you can learn more from this website.

Listen, if you have been always looking for an simple and easy way to invest silver in Malaysia, you need to give yourself an opportunity in this program!

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2 thoughts on “RM65 Per Oz Silver

  1. I believe you need to pay a membership fees before you get started. If that is so then you’re not getting the bars cheap but paying a fee in advance for deduction? It seems more like an MLM to me.

    Your thoughts?

    • Yes, you are right. There is a one time membership fee of RM300. There is a list of benefits that the member gets when joining the membership. (It’s a bit lengthy to be covered here but I have done a detailed analysis on my ebook – list of pros and cons.)

      Anyway to answer your question. It is a one level referral program (but not MLM) and a new member needs to pay RM300. However the RM300 membership fees have also gotten me back 7 oz of silver so far (and a lot of other convenience in the program). So the statement of “paying a fee in advance for deduction” is not valid. Initially, I didn’t want to get into the RM300 and membership fees as it is getting more complication, but since you asked, here is my answer: No, I didn’t pay the membership fee up front to get this deduction. In fact, the RM300 has gotten me 7 oz of silver bars.

      Hope this explains 😉

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