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Many readers have been asking my opinion on whether the company is reliable. This post provides a detailed review on

Before we get started with buying precious metal from, let’s do a little background check. As a general rule, the first hint to check whether a website is reliable is to look at when the website was registered. The fact that a website has been operating for years and has little negative feedback, the less likely it is a scam. In other words, the older a website is, the more likely the website is credible.

Review on domain

We can tell that has been operating since 2011. The website is owned by Rolling Silver Holdings Sdn Bhd and the business is operating in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur. Nothing surprising but we now know that has been in the market for years and it is not a random guy who just started selling precious metal last month.

Review on – buying precious metal

When you first open up, you can expect a large slider banner which covers a big portion of your screen.

Review on Main Page

At first glance, the eCommerce store looks elegant. You will not see a large collection of product for sales on the home page. You will have to either click on one of the banners, OR click on the “Products” link (top left) to view the full range of product offered by

The “Products” link in sitting at the top left corner and is not particularly attention catching. Visitors who are not used to exploring website might have a little challenging time to identify where to look for full range of product. If this is your first time visiting, be sure to click on the “Products” link to view the full range of product.

For this review purpose, I will be using a 5-gram gold bar as an example. If you are interested to purchase silver, the process of buying a piece of silver will be identical to buying a piece of gold.

Review on Gold Menu

Once clicked on Products > Gold Bullion > Gold Bar, I was redirected to a page with wide range of gold bar. I clicked on “PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna 5 gram 999 Gold Bar” as the product I would like to purchase.

Review on gold product range

Then, I was brought to a page where I could add the product (and quantity) to my shopping cart:

Review on PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna 5 gram 999 Gold Bar

I entered quantity ‘1’ and clicked on “Add to Cart“, the screen was updated. I got an notification that my “PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna 5 gram 999 Gold Bar” has been added to my shopping cart.

Review on added to cart

What worth mentioning is the Live Pricing feature offered by Not many online dealers have Live Pricing that allows customers to buy precious metal closest to spot price. Most dealers are adjusting their pricing on daily basis or during a big fluctuation in spot price. deserves a thumb up for this thoughtful feature.

I clicked on the “Checkout” button and I was redirected to a page to review my order.

Step 1: Review Order

Review on - Step 1

If you are an existing member in, simply click on the “Member Checkout” button to login and continue your order. Else, if this is your first time buying from, you can always use “Guest Checkout” button. I used the “Guest Checkout” option in my purchase.

Step 2: Address

Review on - Step 2

In this page, I filled up the billing and shipping address for the product I have just ordered. Since my billing address and shipping address are the same, I clicked on the check box “Use the same address for both billing and shipping“. All address column values on the left were populated to the right. Upon completed filling up my address, I clicked on the “Continue” button that could be found at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Make Payment

A message box from the web browser popped up to show me that my order price has been changed.

Review on - Price updated

The price was 768.25 and got changed to 768.45. The reason is when I was filling up addresses (in Step 2). Gold spot price changed and the price got reflected immediately on my order. I’m pleasantly surprised by how efficient Live Pricing worked.

Review on - Step 3

The only thing that got a little annoying is the long list of payment options (banks) provided on the right panel. I have to scroll all the way down to find the “Place Order” button.

Review on - Place order!

I selected “Bank transfer” option using Maybank to enjoy 3.5% rebate. Who doesn’t like saving anyway?

Step 4: Thank You

Once clicked on the “Place order!” button, a thank you page was displayed to remind me to bank in the order amount within the next 2 hours.

Review on - Step 4

At the same time, I also got an email notification that my order has been received by

Review on - Order received

Later of the day, I received another email that my order has been confirmed and is being processed.Review on - Order Confirmed

I placed my order on Friday afternoon. An order confirmation was received on the same day evening. Then a shipping notification was received on Tuesday.

Review on - Order Shipped

On Wednesday evening, I received my gold bar!

Review on - Package 1

Review on - Package 2

Review on - Package 3

Review on - Package 4

Review on - Package 5

That’s it! My “PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna 5 gram 999 Gold Bar” has arrived safely.


The process of buying from is pleasant. As much as I’m happy with the whole process, I will highlight a couple of pros and cons during my shopping experience with


  1. The web store is a professional eCommerce site. Shopping cart is in place to handle variety of product in one order. Operating 24 hours 7 days a week.
  2. Live Pricing is a plus point that impressed me.
  3. Payment gateway is well integrated with iPay88 and PayPal. However I believe most buyers would prefer bank transfer to enjoy the additional 3.5% rebate.
  4. Delivery packaging is in superb quality.


  1. I placed the order on Friday. I would not expect my order being processed and sent out on the same day. I did expect it being processed on the next working day, which is supposed to be on Monday. However I only got a shipping notification on Tuesday. One day off my strict expectation but it is still within a reasonable time frame.
  2. Usability of the website has room for improvement. For example, in order to reach to the full range of product, I have to click on the small “Products” link on top left corner. I have no idea where the overlapping banners will bring me to until I placed my mouse on the banners and clicked on it. Another example is the long list of bank during Checkout which made the “Place Order!” button not obvious. is one of the best online dealers I have dealt with. The company is reputable and the website comes with good security features. There is no mistake happened throughout my entire purchase process. The order was processed within a reasonable time frame and packing quality is perfect. Definitely a thumb up from a happy customer!

Hope you have enjoyed and find this review on useful!

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