My Silver Accumulator

My Silver Accumulator

This is how the system looks like. You will be given an login id to access to My Silver Accumulator to manage your subscription

You can also edit your subscription from time to time in the following screen:

PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd

The following video is an explanation of My Silver Accumulator program. The presentation is conducted by the CEO of PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd, My Alex Tay.

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8 thoughts on “My Silver Accumulator

    • Hi Jane. There is no penalty at all for discontinue at any time. But in order for cost average to work at its best, I do recommend investor to stick through for at least 12 months.

    • Yes Howie, the program is safe and the company can be trusted. I personally know the founder of the company.

  1. seriously, i am looking forward to invest some money in the silver thing….. problem is, i am lousy in computer and if there is any way this company can sort of contact me for me to open an account and hopefully, i can proceed from there….. thank you….

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Let say when you buy 1 oz for a quarter ( 3 x 1 oz), mean they will send you 3 oz of physical silver by postage ? and this will continue for 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter ? If yes , then the 4th quarter they will send you 4 oz instead of 3 oz coz get free 1 oz if sustain for 12 months?

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