My Silver Accumulator : Why You Should Join

My Silver Accumulator : Why You Should Join

  • Invest in Monthly Ounce Cost Averaging
    1. You do not have to worry too much about timing the market
    2. You take emotions out from your investment – focusing only in accumulation
    3. You are able to estimate precisely how much ounces of silver you will have.
    4. Invest ad-hoc with your spare cash on additional silver based on your timing and pricing.
    5. You earn 1/12 bonus on total silver invested at the end of 12 months period.
    6. You will lower down your averaging holding cost of silver over a longer period.
  • You earn referral incentive without further investing any money
    1. Earn 1 oz Silver FREE for every new signup member you referred.
    2. Earn 2% referral commission of monthly total silver cumulatively purchased by all members that you referred to be members, and that is directly deducted from your subsequent monthly invoice due by you on the SA Program.
  • You have 3 options to sell your silver in descending order of priority based on ascending cost of selling:
    1. posting and selling directly online without fees.
    2. network of agents selling both online and offline with 5% transaction cost incurred on seller.
    3. Sell silver to at spot price, subject to terms and conditions of buyer

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