My Silver Accumulator

PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd

The following video is an explanation of My Silver Accumulator program. The presentation is conducted by the CEO of PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd, My Alex Tay.

My Silver Accumulator

  • Introductory Promotion Joining Fee at RM300.
  • 1 oz of silver bar and 1 membership smart card.
  • Membership to which includes, Bullion Brokers and Bullion Buy Back.
  •  2% discount for products posted by Taurus Bull in
  • Membership to Taurus Bull Link Facebook Grouping for information and Q&A.
  • Referral Incentive (please refer below).

How Does It Work – Monthly Ounce Cost Averaging

  1. Subscribe X oz of Silver Bar monthly on the 3rd working days of the month.
  2. 1 oz Silver bar Hallmarks: Primary supplies: ASE bar, Morgan bar, A-Mark and Suisse Gold. Secondary supplies: Sunshine, SilverTowne, Scottsdale and Apmex bars and rounds; ASE, Maples and Philharmonic Coins.
  3. 10 oz Silver bar Hallmarks: A-Mark, Hereaus, Scottsdale, Morgan or ASE
  4. Monthly subscription Silver buying price = (Spot*/oz x weight(oz) + Mint Premium) Exchange Rate* x 1.1812
  5. 1 oz Silver Bar = (Spot + 1.49) x Exchange Rate x 1.1812.
  6. You can made ad-hoc purchase of additional silver bar anytime.
  7. You can increase or decrease the monthly X oz subscription to any amount starting the following month.
  8. After 12 months SMAP purchase, you will be given 1/12 of total Silver Bar purchased (8.33% discount) as bonus, to ensure you follow diligently to the monthly accumulation Plan.
  9. Provide options of monthly self-collection, or free storage up to 2 months and quarterly Pos Laju to save your shipping cost by 2/3.

Referral Incentives

  • For each new membership referred, you receive 1 oz of silver bar.
  • You receive a monthly 2% referral commission for all the purchases of members referred by you, credited to your account for deduction off your subsequent month purchases.

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2 thoughts on “My Silver Accumulator

  1. I have zero knowledge on silver and gold investment.
    After a period, where can I store the accumulated silver coins/bars safely?
    What is the difference Jonathan Quek’s SilverMalaysia and your business?
    Which is a more profitable metal to invest in, gold or silver?

    • You can open an account with private safe safe company. Price range from RM50 up to few hundred Ringgit annually depending on the size of the safe deposit box. Alternatively you can consider buying a safe deposit, keep it yourself at home.
      Jonathan Quek and I are friend but we do not have any business relationship.
      Silver has a better chance to be more profitable in the coming years. If you compare the performance of gold price and silver price for the past 10 years, you can clearly see that.

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