Pay Me My Silver Now

It has been a busy week with all the inquiries on the newly launched 2nd Edition eBook Practical Guide For Investing Silver in Malaysia. I’m so happy for many action takers who have purchased the investment guide. I’m sure the guide would help them to excel in their silver investment game.

I would like to share a funny video related to physical silver. Watch this :)

I cannot emphasis how important to buy physical silver. Whenever I give talk about silver investment in Malaysia, the audiences would ask me, “How do I buy silver? What?! Buy physical silver? How am I going to store them?!

Obviously they are looking for an option to buy silver on paper (like share, trust, etc). I feel so sorry for them because they still do not see the importance of holding physical silver. From funny video I shared, it showed how critical the manipulation is for physical silver. The people in the internet hate silver manipulation so much that they make a video to tease the manipulators.

Well, knowing the importance of physical silver is one thing. Whether a person can invest in physical silver successfully is another thing. I just want to remind you that if you want to invest in silver, invest in PHYSICAL silver, NOT paper silver.

Until next time, all the best and I hope you do enjoy the video 😛

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