Why Silver


By: Jeff Nielsen, November.07. 2011

In my writing a couple of themes occur with regularity: how “fractional-reserve banking” (with purely fiat currencies) is nothing less than serial stealing from the general population; and how gold and silver can protect people from this cycle of theft.

With respect to fractional-reserve banking, the theft is obvious. The bankers print up vast quantities of their paper currencies ‘out of thin air’, at no cost to themselves – but with the full benefit of that money. Thus their own “wealth” increases exponentially, and without the bankers earning a single penny of it. However, by diluting our currencies in this reckless manner they drive down the value of our money – reflected in higher prices (i.e. reduced purchasing power). We get poorer and poorer; they get richer and richer.
Given that we have a corporate propaganda machine which has spent more than forty years trying to disguise this serial stealing, it is no surprise that it often takes a long time for this reality to sink into peoples’ minds. Sadly, even once people understand the stealing which is taking place, they often aren’t able to piece together how precious metals are the “cure” for this chronic condition.

When I speak of precious metals being our salvation from the bankers’ world of debauched paper, for the average person what I mean specifically is that silver is their primary protection from the banksters’ stealing-via-dilution. In referring to silver as “the people’s money” I am not saying anything new here. Rather I am simply reiterating one of the oldest economic truths of our species.

To understand this first requires understanding two more of the most ancient concepts of humanity. To begin with, people must know the answer to the question “what is money?”. Once they have a clear understanding there, it becomes crystal-clear why gold and silver are the best “money” our species has ever known – and the only “good money” in existence today.

Next readers need to understand the historic price ratio between gold and silver, or in other words they need to understand the 5,000 year old price relationship between the Metal of the Sun (gold) and the Metal of the Moon (silver). This historic 15:1 ratio is absolutely reinforced by the fact that this is also the approximate relative proportions of gold and silver in the Earth’s crust. Thus 15:1 is the “natural” price ratio between gold and silver, and over the long term gold and silver prices must revert to that ratio.

Given that 15:1 ratio (and the much greater, current ratio today), this leads to an obvious inference. Gold, by virtue of being less common and thus more valuable is the “money” of the wealthy and governments. Conversely, by virtue of being more plentiful (but still “precious”) silver has always been the Money of the People.

Once these preliminary concepts are understood, readers should be ready to absorb how and why silver can protect the ordinary person from the serial stealing of the bankers. Remembering how the bankers “steal” by diluting the paper (i.e. fiat currencies) we are holding, the obvious solution to that problem is to avoid holding the bankers’ paper.

If we take the fruits of our labours and convert it into silver as quickly as possible, then suddenly the bankers must do most of their stealing from the other paper-holders – not us. And if every ordinary person converted their wealth to silver as quickly as possible, soon the bankers (and the ultra-wealthy for whom the bankers “front”) would have no one to steal from but each other.

People need to divorce their minds from the notion of “buying silver”, and rather simply think of themselves as doing their “saving” with silver rather than with the banksters’ ever more diluted paper. Indeed, the worst thing we can possibly do with our wealth is to deposit it in a bank – since that simply allows the banksters to ratchet-up their “leverage” even further (i.e. steal from us even faster).

Put another way, every dollar which ordinary people convert to silver (or gold) weakens the intensity/effects of this stealing-via-dilution. This also explains the extreme aversion which the bankers have to a “gold standard”, and why they have disseminated millions of pieces of propaganda over recent decades attempting to portray a gold standard as either being archaic or simply “impractical”.

A gold standard is “impractical” indeed if one is a banker because when it comes to the banksters’ efforts to steal-via-dilution, a gold standard functions like an “economic straitjacket”, preventing the banksters from conjuring any “money” out of thin air. With the absolute refusal of our corrupt and servile politicians to “regulate” these financial crime syndicates, a gold standard would impose fiscal/monetary discipline (and sanity) on both bankster and politician alike.

Lacking a gold standard and lacking any financial regulation of these multinational banks, as individuals we have been left with absolutely no recourse but to “insure” our wealth by converting it to silver. Holding silver will not/cannot “fix” our economies by itself. However, with the self-destructive greed of the banksters and the shameless corruption of our political leaders, the destruction of our economies is now inevitable – and we must protect ourselves individually, since we have been abandoned by our own governments.

As it has done for nearly a hundred years, the corporate media defines such behavior as “hoarding”. Strangely, when we (collectively) hold several billion dollars of silver the propaganda machine calls this “hoarding”, yet these same media talking-heads never mention the word “hoarding” when it comes to the $10’s of trillions in paper wealth being hoarded by these ultra-wealthy (ultra-greedy) misers.

As I have demonstrated in numerous previous commentaries, it is the “hollowing out” of our economies through the hoarding of all these $trillions which is one of the primary causes of our imminent economic collapse. In other words, it was bad enough to have the ultra-wealthy steal $trillions of our wealth, but they have compounded that economic harm by refusing to spend their ill-gotten hoards. If the “other 99%” greatly increase their “saving with silver” (or gold), this will also serve to slow down this hollowing-out process, and will at least help to delay our complete economic collapse.

Our economies remain in desperate need of a total overhaul of our entire monetary system, our tax systems, and our labour markets. Given the saturation level of corruption in our governments, it seems likely that most Western nations must also have radical reforms in their political systems as well.

Holding silver solves none of those other problems. At best, it will “buy us the time” to actually fix our broken economies (and broken political systems). At worst, it will make it a little easier to rebuild our societies from the economic “rubble” left behind by the banksters and their political servants.


Why Silver in Malaysia

Why Silver in Malaysia (and around the world)

For the past couple hundreds of years, silver has been used primarily as an industrial metal and not a precious metal. Unlike most industrial metals like steel and copper which are used in large amounts and can be recycled, silver is used in such minute quantities that it is rare recycled when it is used industrially. As our world advances technologically, more and more uses for silver will be seen and its value as a industrial metal will appreciate even higher. At today’s spot prices, it simply isn’t worth recycling silver. You might recover like 23 cents worth of recycle-able silver after spending an hour or two. This is different with gold, because gold is valued at more over $1800 an ounce even in today’s market. We will see the day when silver is truly appreciated in the free market for what it is worth, and silver prices will rise to a level where it becomes worthwhile to recycle silver.

Silver is a very widely used industrial metal and has more than thousands and thousand of uses. Because of silver’s unique properties and its priceless value to many industries, its price is inelastic. What this means is it doesn’t change much in response to changes in demand. Most commodities have self correcting price mechanisms. For example, as the price of a commodity goes up people begin seeking alternatives or substitutes. This causes a correction in demand and thus price. For silver there are no substitutes for the majority of its applications.

What this also means is as silver becomes harder and harder to acquire, big industrial powers will be buying it out to save on costs later on when they need to buy silver at higher prices. These big companies are aware of their need for silver; these are major industry players that will drive the price of silver up in a free market.

It is used in :

  • Coinage
  • Photography
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Silverware and Table Settings
  • Batteries
  • Bearings
  • Brazing and Soldering
  • Catalysts
  • Electronics
  • Medical Applications
  • Mirrors & Coatings
  • Solar Energy
  • Water Purification
  • and thousands more!

The demand for physical silver is up tremendously in the past few years, but more important it is continuing to rise and it WILL CONTINUE to rise
. In a market of 800 million ounces, the Chinese who used to export 100 million ounces a year are not important over a 100 million ounces a year. That’s a huge shift in just demand from China. Wait til the major buyers really get into the market. The physical market is already suffering from difficulties in meeting demand. Eric Sprott, who started his own physical silver trust has difficulty acquiring just 10-15 million ounces. This is in a market that trades 20-30 times this amount EVERY DAY. You can see from these numbers alone the discrepancy between the physical market and the paper market for silver.

What this means is there is an abundance of paper silver (which will eventually collapse when all that paper comes back chasing the same amount of physical silver) and that there is a shortage of physical silver. One huge sign of this is that the silver market is currently in backwardation, which means it costs more to acquire the item now than it does to get it later.

Backwardation rarely occurs in these metals markets; the opposite condition—contango—usually is in effect, as buyers and sellers must factor in the cost of storage and insurance for deliverable stocks. The supply of silver in warehouses like Comex’s have been steadily declining, and demand is rising at the same time. These two things spell one result – silver prices MUST go higher.

Silver used to trade on a 15 to 1 or 16 to 1 ratio with gold. It was trading at almost 60-70 to 1 with gold a while ago but now that has decreased to about 40 to 1. This trend is one of the reasons why dollar for dollar silver is a better investment than gold today. Silver should close the gap with gold to at least its historic ratio of 16 to 1, but this time around there is a lot more industrial demand for silver that is causing the worldwide supply of silver to constantly shrink (because silver is used up and discarded while gold is primarily held as wealth and recycled when it is used). We have much more industrial applications for silver now than before and they same cannot be said for gold.

The federal reserve and most central banks around the world are continuing to print money and sell debt as their means to their money problems. The more money there is out there chasing the same amount of goods and services leads to inflation. You cannot print more bills and expect their value to remain the same. Silver and gold are the best protections against inflation (QE3, QE4, QE5……QE9999).


Type of Silver in Malaysia (Part 1)

Basic Type of Silver in Malaysia

Silver market is relatively small compare to gold market in Malaysia. However there are several type of silver in Malaysia that are available for both consumers and investors. Whether you are a collector or investor, the author wrote this page to provide a basic understanding on different type of silver in Malaysia. Do bear in mind that most of the type of silver in Malaysia are not originally from Malaysia. They are mostly imported from overseas in a end product form.

The most basic type of Silver in Malaysia can be broken into 2:

  • Silver coin
  • Silver bar

Type of Silver in Malaysia 1: Silver Coin

This type of silver in Malaysia is considered the most common among collectors. Reasons are because they are more beautiful and relatively cheaper compare to bigger size silver bars. The most commonly traded silver coin in Malaysia are American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf – which your assumption is right, they are imported and not being manufactured in Malaysia. However do bear in mind that the premium for silver coin is higher than silver bar, which means the collector would have to pay more RM to buy 1oz of silver coin compare to silver bar. This type of silver in Malaysia is mostly owned by collect or investor who has smaller capital.

Type of Silver in Malaysia 2: Silver Bar

This type of silver in Malaysia is considered the most common among investors. Reasons are because they are value for money. The premium for such type of silver in Malaysia is lower compare to silver coin. In Malaysia, the most commonly traded silver bars are PAMP SUISSE (1 kg bar), Public Gold (1 kg bar, 500gram bar, 250gram bar), Oneasia Gold Mint (500gram bar). There are many smaller sizes bar are being traded in Malaysia such as  Silvertowne (1oz), PAMP SUISSE LADY FORTUNA (1oz) and Morgan bar (1oz). There are too much such smaller bar available in Malaysia. Most of the smaller size bar sellers order the stock online from overseas and distribute to local retail buyer. Although smaller sizes bar are available, genuine investors usually buy bar with larger size as they are easier for storage.

This article is a basic introductory article for those who are started to learn about Silver in Malaysia, please feel free to explore further in this website to learn more about Silver in Malaysia.

Next article is: How to buy Silver in Malaysia.