MySmartGold – Prime Silver Bar 500 gram

MySmartGold has recently added a new product which is a 500 gram silver bar known as Prime. This silver bar does NOT come with certificate like PAMP SUISSE (1 kilo) silver bar and Oneasia Gold Mint (500 gram) silver bar.

500 gram silver bar is suitable for silver investor who wish to stack large amount of silver using lesser space. 500 gram of silver is equivalent to 16 troy oz of silver. In other words, some investors might choose to buy 16 individual 1oz bar for liquidity purpose while some investor who wishes to save space would choose such 500 gram silver bar.

This group of investor should be fairly confident with their cash flow that they do not need to sell off their 500 gram silver bar urgently in the near future. 500 gram silver generally has lower liquidity compare to smaller size investment grade silver bar (or round) such as 1oz. If a silver investor wishes to sell of the 500 gram bar, it might take a little longer compare to a 1oz silver bar.

Of course, one can argue that there is always a buy back policy. In the previous post, I posted this image:

What investor needs to be aware in buy back is the spread. There is always a spread being involved in buy back. Regardless how big or how small the spread is, spread is always equal to a cut in profit. Before executing your option for asking the vendor to buy back your silver, you might want to consider selling it yourself to minimize the lost in spread.

As always, the concern with selling silver yourself is the hassle and waiting period. So, you will need to analyze your financial situation and storage before deciding what size of bar to invest in.

Sell Back Silver In Malaysia

This following infographic are provided by my friend Jay Tiew Jin Jie. He is also the founder of Melaka Silver Group.

Alternatively, you can also consider downloading this eBook written by my another friend Ikram Adi who is also an expert in local silver market. In this eBook, he has included a case study on how he analyzes the silver price movement and how can anyone take advantage of the price movement. Click here to download… 

2 Months Cycle

Few days back in my previous posting, I mentioned now is a good time to buy some silver. Today, I will show you another reason why you should buy silver now.

Looking at the following chart, there is a 2-months cycle happening in the trend. Since November 2011, market comes down for 2 months (until January), up for 2 months (until March), and down again for 2 months (until May). Right now, we are at the end of the last cycle which is start in March. If the trend continues, we can expect a change of direction in silver price.

Together with the head and shoulder pattern. now is a good time to buy some silver.

If you are interested to learn more about technical analysis and forecast the movement of price, please consider reading this book written by Ikram Adi where he explains one simple and effective formula to forecast silver price movement. Click here to download

Until next time, happy investing silver in Malaysia!


Head And Shoulders

Head-and-shoulders” pattern is one of the most reliable trend-reversal patterns.

This is a typical head-and-shoulders pattern that we can see where there are 2 shoulders and a head. There is a neckline that joins them together. The green dotted line length and blue dotted line length are the same length. Base on this length, the we can target (or forecast) where to trend will stop at.

Now if we flip over the chart, we can see an inverted “head-and-shoulders” pattern.

This is the exact opposite of the previous chart. In the earlier chart, the movement is towards down trend and this chart is towards up trend. Again, I want to stress that the green color line length and blue color line length are the same length for us to forecast the price movement.

The reason I’m showing this today is because there is a similar pattern happening in silver price chart:


Looking at the chart and refer to the inverted “head-and-shoulders” pattern, it is suggesting the price might hit the target price which is $ 46 by end of this year. However do note that $ 44 is a resistance that might stop silver price from going there. Well, regardless whether it is hitting  $ 46 or $ 44, there is still much more room for silver price to go up in current short to medium term.

If you are interested to learn more about technical analysis and forecast the movement of price, please consider reading this book written by Ikram Adi where he explains one simple and effective formula to forecast silver price movement. Click here to download

Until next time, happy investing silver in Malaysia!

James Cameron Silver Investment

Have you heard of the name James Cameron? If no, it’s ok, I didn’t know him too until recently. He is the director for The Terminator (1984), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Titanic (1997), Avatar (2009) and a lot more movies.

I have learn something very useful from this successful man. This is what he said,

“Luck is not a factor, Hope is not a strategy, Fear is not an option.”

That is so true, especially true when come to silver investment.

Luck – when we invest in silver, we are not investing base on luck. In fact, no investment should be done base on luck. We are investing in silver because we understand the fundamental of silver investment. There is a physical shortage for silver, there is price manipulation on silver, gold silver ratio is way too high, silver is being consumed year after year. When we are investing in silver, getting lucky should not be part of the factor why we should invest in silver. Facts that we have been exposed to and learned are the reasons we want to take advantage of the situation through silver investment.

Hope – when we invest in silver, we don’t hope for the price to go down so that we can buy. We also don’t hope for the price would go up after we bought. We learn strategy and formula to identify when is a good time (good opportunity) to buy silver and when is a good time  to sell silver. If you are serious about silver investment, you should check out the book written by Ikram Adi where he shares his strategy and a special formula to forecast price movement in silver investment. Honestly speaking, I would invest in education anytime rather than hope for a good return. If you are interested to see his book, you can download here.

Feara person should not be fearful while investing in silver. Silver price is a very volatile. Within few days, price could drop as much as 30%. If an investor is a fearful investor, investing in silver would give him a heart attack. A person should only invest the amount of money that he can afford to lose. This is preparing for the worst. Fear is not an option. Once a person has done enough homework, he needs to trust himself that he has done his homework well and be fearless with his silver investment decision.

I sincerely hope you will do your homework well and prepare yourself for silver investment to practice what James Cameron said, “Luck is not a factor, Hope is not a strategy, Fear is not an option.” Until next time, enjoy your silver investment journey!

Numismatic Silver Explained By Malaysian

I have seen a very good explanation about numismatic silver explained by Malaysian. Credit goes to jayjay (forum Lowyat). Here is it:

The opposite of numismatic silver is low premium silver bar. Silver experts such as David Morgan highly encourage silver investors to buy low premium silver bar. The reason is because for the same amount of Ringgit, you will get a lot more silver. In other words, you are paying for the silver (precious metal) content rather than the premium. There is a very good program in Malaysia known as My Silver Accumulator for silver investors to invest silver (utilizing dollar cost average strategy). Feel free to learn more about it here. Alternatively, check out Menu > My Silver Accumulator.

David Morgan Precious Metals Conference

There are many people said that the silver spike toward $50 last year was the peak for the silver market. Don’t be fooled, we heard the same thing in 2008 after silver had hit the $21+ level and during the depths of the financial crash silver sold near the $9 level. While many were being pessimistic, silver expert David Morgan said: Buy! Buy! Buy!

And buy some more! When gold price dropped silver was at the buy of a lifetime…it’s silver investing that could make you rich! One of the most fundamental lesson from David Morgan is “If there is only one thing to teach you about the upcoming silver bull market it is this – 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time!

To prove the point, I have use a 10 year chart from 2002 until 2011. The biggest increase of silver price happened from $16 until $50. The period for that price increase is merely 1 year plus from 2010 to 2011. If you are wondering why silver price is not rising, hold on there. When the time is right, silver price will rise so fast that you cannot believe you see with your eyes. Again, 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time!

By the way, if you are interested to learn a good strategy for silver investment and learning how take advantage of the price fluctuation, Ikram Adi has an eBook that teaches investors in Malaysia how to maximize your profit from silver investment. There is a free case study come together with his eBook, from that case study, he will demonstrate his formula and how he could take advantage from the silver price fluctuation. If are seriously about silver investment and have not read his eBook, I highly recommend you to download now. He will show you some tricks on how to identify the correct time and price to buy and to sell silver. This strategy alone has helped many people (including me) to save and to make a lot of money.

This is a global physical silver rush. Not just in Malaysia. This time is the biggest wealth transfer in human history. It will not be about being a smart real estate investor, or understanding that technology is leading the growth cycle, or the Japanese have a more efficient system. It will be about – FEAR.

How often you hear about people not having enough money in their KWSP / EPF? How many of you worry that there is no enough money in your KWSP / EPF? I do. This is the kind of fear that will cause the global middle class (of course including Malaysians) to rush into silver, which bring physical silver price to unimaginably high. This will be a snow ball effect, when the public start rushing into silver and everyone is buying silver, the price will increase so fast that everyone else would start buying silver.

Until next time, be careful and happy investing in silver!

Ikram Adi Menerangkan Harga Silver Di Malaysia

Sekiranya anda baru menceburi bidang pelaburan silver, harga silver boleh menjadi amat mengelirukan. Ikram Adi telah menyediakan satu video yang menerangkan pengiraan harga silver di Malaysia. Video ini amat memanfaatkan kepada kebanyakkan pelabur silver seperti kita.

Sebelum kita melabur wang kita, saya rasa melabur dalam ilmu adalah paling berbaloi. Belajari pengetahuan dan teknik yang berkesan dalam pelaburan adalah amat penting untuk mendapatkan kepulangan yang maksimum. Sekiranya anda ingin belajar lebih banyak daripada Ikram Adi, anda boleh melayari website beliau iaitu:

Selamat melabur!

Bentuk Apa Nak Beli – Ikram Adi

Ikram Adi merupakan silver expert tempatan kita di Malaysia. Dalam video ini, beliau membincangkan coin, bar and numis dalam pasaran silver Malaysia.

Dalam eBook ini, beliau membincangkan pelbagai jenis silver. Kebaikan, keburukan dan pemandangan beliau tentang jenis silver. Sebelum seseorang melabur dalam silver, seseorang mesti melabur dalam ilmu pengetahuan supaya dapat memaksimumkan keuntungan dan tidak melakukan kesilapan yang boleh dielakkan. Muat turun eBook ini untuk mempelajari pelaburan silver daripada silver expert tempatan kita.

10 Perkara Mesti Tahu Sebelum Melabur Silver

1. Nak Beli Di Mana?
Dengan kuantiti yang kecil, bullion perak boleh dibeli di Group Facebook “Silver Lot Shop”. Ia juga boleh dibeli authorised dealer Pamp dan agen Public Silver. Selain itu, anda juga boleh melayari semua kedai-kedai silver yang telah dikumpul di Blog ini: Menu > Silver Store >


2. Nak Jual Di Mana?
Terdapat beberapa penjual silver memberi Buy Back Guarantee untuk membeli semula silver yang dijual, anda boleh menjual kepada penjual yang anda beli. Tetapi anda perlu mengira spread yang dikenakan. Secara alternatif, anda juga boleh jual balik kepada kenalan anda atau iklankan di Group Facebook “Silver Lot Shop” kerana ramai peminat silver berurusniaga di situ.


3. Untung ke simpan silver?
Harga Silver telah meningkat 8x ganda sejak 2002 dan lebih 120% dalam tempoh satu tahun (2010-2011). Tetapi anda harus berhati-hati semasa melabur dalam silver. Perhatikan apa yang berlaku dalam hujung graf ini. Harga silver turun sebanyak 40%. Dari $50 menjunam ke $30. Anda perlu memahami dan belajar teknik-teknik pelaburan silver yang betul. Salah satu cara terbaik untuk belajar pelaburan silver adalah mengunakan formula yang terbukti daripada expert yang telah lama memerhatikan pasaran silver. Ikram Adi merupakan expert yang handal meramal pengerakan harga silver. Beliau mempunyai formula yang mudah dan tepat bagi menentukan sama ada harga silver terlalu tinggi. Anda boleh belajar teknik-teknik beliau dengan muat turun eBook di bawah.

4. Berapa harga silver sekarang?
Harga silver berubah dari masa ke semasa. Anda boleh mendapati harga daripada:

Harag tersebut adalah dalam US Dollar. Anda perlu membuat pengiraan dalam Ringgit Malaysia. Bagi cara convert, anda boleh merujuk kepada sini. Selain itu, anda juga boleh merujuk kepada kedai-kedai yang menjual silver di Malaysia.


5. Brand/jenis keluaran mana yang bagus?
Jenama premium rendah : Morgan, Silvertowne, Sunshine, Pamp Suisse 1 kg (amat bagus untuk permulaan).

Jenama premium tinggi : Silver Eagle, Maple Leaf, Philharmonics (sesuai untuk pelaburan jangka masa panjang).

Kegemaran saya adalah American Silver Eagle, gambar coin di atas.

6. Apa itu bullion?
Bullion ialah terma yang bermaksud silver bar atau silver syiling.

7. Kenapa harga silver bar atau coin bukan pada spot price?

Ini kerana kos tempaan yang perlu diambil kira untuk mendapat produk bullion itu sendiri. Perbezaan harga bullion dan harga spot dinamakan premium. Sekiranya harga silver adalah pada spot price, macam mana penjual silver membuat keuntungan?

8. Betul ke silver boleh naik sampai USD200/oz?
Pada bull market 1960-1980, silver meningkat 50x ganda. Pada 2002 – 2011, harga silver telah meningkat kepada 8x ganda (harga semasa dalam lingkungan $42). Harga silver ada 5x ganda ruang untuk naik. Jadi 42 x 5 adalah lebih kurang $220.

9. Kenapa % kenaikan harga silver lagi tinggi berbanding emas?

Oleh sebab permintaan PELABURAN dan PERINDUSTRIAN amat tinggi bagi silver, kenaikannya akan disebabkan oleh permintaan, terutamanya dari permintaan PELABURAN. Emas hanya bergantung kepada permintaan pelaburan & barang kemas sahaja. Harga emas akan naik slow & steady tetapi kemungkinan besar peratusan akan lebih rendah berbanding dengan silver yang merupakan bahan mentah dalam banyak industri electronic dan teknologi modern. Pelaburan silver amat menguntungkan sekiranya kita dapat menguasai teknik-teknik dan mindset yang betul. Cara paling pantas untuk mempelajari adalah belajar dari kesilapan orang yang berpengalaman. Di dalam eBook Pelaburan Silver, Ikram Adi menerangkan cara yang mudah bagi kelas pentengahan  (seperti anda dan saya ) mengambil kesempatan ini untuk memaksimumkan keuntungan daripada pelaburan silver.

10. Berapa lama saya patut pegang silver sebelum dijual semula?
Silver adalah pelaburan jangka sederhana panjang, iaitu sekurang-kurangnya 3 tahun sehingga 5 tahun. Untuk memaksimumkan keuntungan daripada pelaburan silver, pastikan anda menyimpan SEKURANG-KURANGNYA 3 tahun sebelum menjual semula untuk mendapat keuntungan yang memuaskan.