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My friend Jonathan Quek, the author of Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? also the founder of wrote the following:

(The term ‘I’ in the following writing is referring to the author Jonathan Quek himself)

While the media has always been hot on gold, I’ve always run on a belief that the media is always chasing yesterday’s news. Yes I’ve no doubt that gold will push through $2,000 an ounce in the near future but I’m paying my upmost attention to an investment asset where most people are paying least attention to, that’s gold’s little brother, SILVER!

Silver, the New Gold!

I’ve been investing in silver since it was $15 and the reasons I invest in silver is simple:

First, everything that needs electricity needs silver. Silver is more than a precious metal. It is the industrial metal with high resistance to heat and the highest electrical conductivity of any element. With the increasing need for cellphones, computers and solar panels, this has sparked greater demand for silver.

Second, as we look at an increasing possibility of hyperinflation, gold looks at a potential comeback as the ultimate reserve currency. When that day comes, silver will make its comeback as poor man’s gold. Throughout history, silver has played a vital role as a means of exchange or money. In ancient Ming Dynasty, one ounce of gold was equal to the value of four ounces of silver. Silver was used to buy daily meals, goods and services. That’s why when we pronouce ‘BANK’ in Mandarin, it also has another meaning which is ‘Silver Storage!’

The Silver Correction

In April 2011, the price of silver started to plunge and it went through a correction that lasted more than a year. However, I believe that the end of this correction is near. As gold starts moving up in times when Quantitative Easing is a norm, silver will move. With silver’s dual nature role as precious and industrial metal, this will further accelerate its bullrun move!

Jonathan Quek has been actively promoting silver investment in Malaysia. He is also a very good teacher in silver investment. If you would like to learn more from Jonathan Quek, please reading his book titled Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? by clicking here.


RM65 Per Oz Silver

In Malaysia silver market, actual transacted price sometimes is usually slightly below display price. For example, if an item is displayed for sales for RM105, you can probably get it for RM104 or RM103 (if you are willing to negotiate with the seller). Some sellers are willing to reduce the price and some wouldn’t. You can considered yourself being lucky if the seller is giving you a few ringgit discount.

When the market price for 1 oz silver is RM 110, at what price do you consider yourself got a good deal? Most people will say RM100 is a very good price. Anything below RM100 such as RM98 would be totally crazy!

Well in my case, it is 40% below market price. I bought my silver at RM 65. Here is the transaction statement. The company quoted me RM65.

And RM 65 is exactly how much I paid for. Nothing more nothing less.

How is this possible? The silver is bought from My Silver Accumulator. The program member is able to buy silver at such big discount because the program is rewarding members who are willing to share silver investment opportunity with others.

Silver investment is an investment opportunity of lifetime! It would be very self fish if we do not encourage others to invest in silver. My Silver Accumulator is a silver investment program very suitable for beginner and intermediate silver investor in Malaysia. By introducing them to this investment platform, the member would receive 2% discount for each oz that they purchase.

In other words, by encouraging other Malaysians to start investing in silver, we could get 2 major benefits.

  1. Helping our friends and family members get ready in for the coming financial crisis by getting started in silver investment
  2. You would receive 2% as discount (commission) whenever the member you signed up purchase 1 oz of silver.

I recommend you to find out more about this program before drawing a conclusion. You can go to Google and type in “My Silver Accumulator” and see what others are saying about the program. Alternatively, you can learn more from this website.

Listen, if you have been always looking for an simple and easy way to invest silver in Malaysia, you need to give yourself an opportunity in this program!

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Maybank Silver Saving Account Part 1

I saw the so-called Maybank Silver Saving Account passport for the first time about a month back. I tried many methods to look for more information from the internet but seem like I don’t have much luck.

After a month of asking around and looking for information online. There is totally no news about the Maybank Silver Saving Account.

Maybank Silver Saving Account

Today, I went to Maybank branch in Taman Midah, Cheras to ask about it. A Malay lady told me, “It’s is like the gold saving account, but this is silver. But the officer in charge has not reach the office”. She also told me that there is one officer in each branch, it is just so happened that the officer is not in office yet.

Well, I went back to the office 2-3 hours later. I was greeted by another Malay lady. I asked her about it and she said she knows nothing about it. She redirected me to (I guess) the most senior officer in the branch – a well dressed middle age gentleman. I told him that I would like to find out more about Maybank Silver Saving Account, but he gave me a what-are-you-talking-about face. So it seems like he didn’t know much about it too. He again and again asked if I saw it from Maybank website. The answer is No as I have checked several times in their official website that there is no news about the silver saving account.

I couldn’t get back to the first Malay lady who told there is an officer in charge for this. She is no longer in her desk (and obviously I don’t have all day to sit there to wait for her to come back). So, I left the branch disappointed without finding out much about the potential first silver saving account passport in Malaysia.

I will check out the other branches and call up their call center to see if I can find out more information about it – But as of now, the Maybank Silver Saving Account still remains as an uncertainty.

The closest silver saving program that I have seen so far in Malaysia is the My Silver Accumulator program from PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd. It provides a convenient channel for  Malaysians to start saving and investing in silver. Click here to find out more about My Silver Accumulator program from PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd.

Stay tuned for the next update for Maybank Silver Saving Account. Happy investing in silver!

Download Practical Guide For Investing Silver in Malaysia

Pay Me My Silver Now

It has been a busy week with all the inquiries on the newly launched 2nd Edition eBook Practical Guide For Investing Silver in Malaysia. I’m so happy for many action takers who have purchased the investment guide. I’m sure the guide would help them to excel in their silver investment game.

I would like to share a funny video related to physical silver. Watch this :)

I cannot emphasis how important to buy physical silver. Whenever I give talk about silver investment in Malaysia, the audiences would ask me, “How do I buy silver? What?! Buy physical silver? How am I going to store them?!

Obviously they are looking for an option to buy silver on paper (like share, trust, etc). I feel so sorry for them because they still do not see the importance of holding physical silver. From funny video I shared, it showed how critical the manipulation is for physical silver. The people in the internet hate silver manipulation so much that they make a video to tease the manipulators.

Well, knowing the importance of physical silver is one thing. Whether a person can invest in physical silver successfully is another thing. I just want to remind you that if you want to invest in silver, invest in PHYSICAL silver, NOT paper silver.

Until next time, all the best and I hope you do enjoy the video 😛

Download Practical Guide For Investing Silver in Malaysia

Robert Kiyosaki Predicted Global Economy Crisis in 2016

Robert Kiyosaki Predicted Global Economy Crisis in 2016

During Robert Kiyosaki  (the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) trip to Malaysia for National Achieve Congress in May 2012, he shared his view on world financial situation with Malaysians. He predicted global economy will break down in the next 4 years (2016).

Today, every nation in the world are heavily in debt. The last reported debt to GDP for Malaysia is 55% – which is not very healthy. U.S. and Europe are among the top for their debt level. Only China is leading the world economy by importing products from the rest of the world.

Diagram Taken From Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysia

China export has increased 5% but import has 0% growth. For those countries that export to China (including Malaysia), this is not a good sign.  Malaysia has to consider what the impacts are once China stop importing from Malaysia.

Robert also said “money is no longer money. The country is lack of financial education. If you believe going to school can make you rich, you are a fool. Getting your Master, Phd will not make you rich, it can only let you survive. So, we have to prepare for our financial future in the coming years. The question is, have you prepared?

In the eBook Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysia, the eBook teaches how medium class individuals can prepare and protect themselves from the coming financial crisis using silver.

In fact, it provides complete guidance for Malaysians to invest silver. This book provides practical guides on the tips and tricks for silver investment in Malaysia. Anyone who is interested to protect himself from the coming financial crisis predicted by Robert Kiyosaki, he needs to read this book to start silver investment in Malaysia with the most effective methods and learn the silver investment strategy outlined in this book. The eBook can be downloaded here

New eBook 2nd Edition Practical Guide For Investing Silver in Malaysia

The new eBook 2nd Edition Practical Guide For Investing Silver in Malaysia is NOW officially launched.

Most of the silver related information from the internet are NOT going to help you to be a successful silver investor in Malaysia. In fact, most of those information ONLY a big picture of why invest in silver but NEVER show you how to invest silver in Malaysia.

I have spent months and months to put together the best silver investment guide for Malaysians. Then, I spent another several  months to update the information to ensure readers will get the latest and the most practical silver investment guide in Malaysia.

The whole objective for writing this book is to give practical and down-to-ground silver investment tips and tricks in Malaysia. I hope you will like this book, download it here.

** The 1st edition was only opened for 100 people. I can’t promise this 2nd edition will be there forever. If you are interested, get it now!

My Silver Accumulator

PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd has launched My Silver Accumulator for Malaysians to start saving and investing silver. This program is very suitable for average Malaysians who does not know much about silver investment to start investing. The program offers a safe, secured and convenient platform for the members to manage their silver investment portfolio.

In short, the My Silver Accumulator program can be summarized as a silver investment program where members consistently buy silver every month to achieve cost average. The purpose of implementing cost average is to protect investors from major price fluctuation and the investors would always get the average price within a period of time.

When a Member A (old member) gets another Member B (new member) to join the program, Member A will be receiving 1 oz of free silver as an incentive. Have a look at the following screen:

Referring new members to join the program is not difficult. When you go through the details of the program, you will realize the tons of benefits signing up as a member.  From the above screen, you can see that I have referred 3 members within a month. Not to show off but to prove the point that getting new members to earn your 1 free oz bonus is not as hard as it seems. You can simply share the silver investment opportunity with your friends and family. Due to the fact My Silver Accumulator is such a beneficial program for average Malaysians to invest silver in Malaysia, it take very little effort for you to promote it. All you need to do is share with them the existence of this program. If they are interested, they will find out more about it and they will realize how beneficial the program is.

Once a person sign up as a member, he will be given a login to the website platform to manage his silver investment portfolio as following:

My Silver Accumulator

Here are some very detailed explanation from the CEO of PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd himself, have a look at the description and video. You can decide for yourself if this program is suitable for your investment appetite. Click here: My Silver Accumulator 

Alternatively, you can consider checking out their website clicking the following banner:

Hope you have enjoy an overview of My Silver Accumulator program. Until next time, good luck for your silver investment journey!

Silver Malaysia Investment Guide

Due to popular demand, I’m launching new eBook 2nd Edition of Practical Guide For: Investing Silver in Malaysia. The existing content are updated with the latest information. The eBook is also add with additional more than 40 pages of content since the 1st edition.

The eBook is expected to launch at the end of May 2012 and it will be bundled together with additional bonuses that would be very useful for silver investors in Malaysia. I will tell you what are the bonuses are in next post but I promise it wouldn’t disappoint you. Stay tuned to this blog and more information will be coming soon!

eBook Investing Silver in Malaysia

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Why I Think Silver Price Will Move Up Soon

Silver price has been bearish (dropping) for more than 2 months since late February 2012. I have posted several post before this that suggest silver price might move up before this such as:

  1. Flag Pattern
  2. Head and Shoulders
  3. Silver Price 1970

and few others…

The fact is I didn’t know for sure. If last Friday, silver price has fallen $26 support, very bad thing could happen to silver price as it could drop to support as low as $17 or $18 to find the next strong support. Some investors wish for it to drop to that low so that they can buy more. For short term, it’s true that the investors might be able to buy cheaper; but as for long term view, it is not a good sign as it could take a very very long time before price climb back to $30 level. If price has dropped below $26 last Friday, anyone who went in market in the last 2 years would get burned – the only variation is, how severe.

Since price has re-bounced to $28, that would make all my previous forecast seems correct again. Today, I’m making another forecast as I spotted another similar pattern in 2007. As you can there are Point A to Point F, right after Point F, silver price shot up high

A similar pattern is detected in silver price now…

The similar Point A to Point F can be found in today silver price, if we are already in Point F (this is very likely because we survived support at $26), very soon silver price will re-bounce and rise drastically.

I’m in the process of writing my new eBook, the last version of the eBook was released in February and I only opened to limited amount of download (100 copies). Due to popular demand, I am planning to work on the 2nd Edition of the eBook. I’m updating the information and added a lot more good stuff into it. Stay tuned in my blog and you will see the update soon. Alternatively if you do not want to miss anything, please subscribe here so that I can update you from time to time about my progress.

Have a nice week ahead!


Mengapa Perlu Melabur Silver?

 Kos Pelaburan Rendah – Memang betul. Harga silver jauh lebih rendah daripada emas. Anda tak perlu keluarkan sehingga beribu ringgit untuk membeli sejongkong silver. Malah, anda boleh gandakan keuntungan pelaburan anda berlipat kali ganda tanpa sebarang tambahan modal. Baca sehingga habis laporan ini kerana saya turut berkongsikan strategi HEBAT itu!


 Risiko Tinggi, Untung pun TINGGI! – Pergerakan Turun Naik Harga Silver adalah amat pantas. Namun begitu, silver sekarang berada di dalam trend menaik yang biasanya boleh berjalan hingga 5 – 10 tahun lagi. Target konservatif untuk harga silver adalah USD200/oz! 6x kali ganda dari harga sekarang!

Silver VS Emas VS ASB – Jika saya diberi pilihan untuk melabur dalam ketiga-tiga bidang pelaburan itu, saya gerenti, saya akan abaikan emas dan ASB. Ini kerana, peratusan kenaikan harga silver adalah 1.6X ganda daripada emas. Manakala, dividen ASB hanya 8-9% sahaja setahun. Mana nak untung macam tu!

Sumber Kurang, Permintaan Tinggi – Satu sumber sahih mengatakan, tiada stok simpanan untuk silver berbanding 1980 sebanyak 3.5 billion oz. Tetapi, keperluan silver dalam sektor pembuatan sentiasa mendapat sambutan. Sekiranya hal ini berlaku, ini bermaksud permintaan dalam bentuk pelaburan DAN industri ke atas silver akan memuncak. Sekaligus harga silver akan naik berkali-kali ganda.

Source: Silver Lot Shop