My Silver Accumulator

PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd has launched My Silver Accumulator for Malaysians to start saving and investing silver. This program is very suitable for average Malaysians who does not know much about silver investment to start investing. The program offers a safe, secured and convenient platform for the members to manage their silver investment portfolio.

In short, the My Silver Accumulator program can be summarized as a silver investment program where members consistently buy silver every month to achieve cost average. The purpose of implementing cost average is to protect investors from major price fluctuation and the investors would always get the average price within a period of time.

When a Member A (old member) gets another Member B (new member) to join the program, Member A will be receiving 1 oz of free silver as an incentive. Have a look at the following screen:

Referring new members to join the program is not difficult. When you go through the details of the program, you will realize the tons of benefits signing up as a member.  From the above screen, you can see that I have referred 3 members within a month. Not to show off but to prove the point that getting new members to earn your 1 free oz bonus is not as hard as it seems. You can simply share the silver investment opportunity with your friends and family. Due to the fact My Silver Accumulator is such a beneficial program for average Malaysians to invest silver in Malaysia, it take very little effort for you to promote it. All you need to do is share with them the existence of this program. If they are interested, they will find out more about it and they will realize how beneficial the program is.

Once a person sign up as a member, he will be given a login to the website platform to manage his silver investment portfolio as following:

My Silver Accumulator

Here are some very detailed explanation from the CEO of PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd himself, have a look at the description and video. You can decide for yourself if this program is suitable for your investment appetite. Click here: My Silver Accumulator 

Alternatively, you can consider checking out their website clicking the following banner:

Hope you have enjoy an overview of My Silver Accumulator program. Until next time, good luck for your silver investment journey!

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