Mike Maloney Gold & Silver Insights 2012

Leigh Greenberg speaks with Mike Maloney on price action, inflation/deflation, international diversification, counterfeits and more.

In this interview, Mike Maloney is discussing the issue on prices spikes of gold and silver in 2008 compared to 2011. Gold and silver investors taking advantage of lower prices. He also answered whether how healthy is this bull market. He reaffirmed that gold and silver are money, not just a commodity.

If you are wondering what phase is this bull market currently in, you could get some insight from Mike Maloney. It is probably the “best investment of lifetime”. So will we see brand new highs by the end of 2012?

In United States, can the United States government nationalize gold and silver in the country? How the vast majority of the United States’ currency resides outside its own borders.

Mike Maloney has been talking about deflation before the real hyper-inflation. So the million dollar question is…are we in a deflationary market now? What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment. Hope you have enjoyed this post Mike Maloney Gold & Silver Insights 2012.

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