Media Attention Phase

About a year ago, I wrote an article on titled Silver Investment Cycle. In that article, I shared the following diagram:

Last month December 2012, The Star newspaper interviewed me to discuss on silver investment. The article titled More M’sians turning to silver, rather than gold, for investment. The following is the article in case you have not view it. (Click on image to view full size)

The Star Silver Investment

Then, China Press – another Chinese mainstream newspaper covers the same story titled 取代昂貴黃金 白銀漸成投資新寵 as following (click on image to view full size):

China Press Silver InvestmentHere is another one in Malay news on TV9:

When you refer back to the Silver Investment Cycle chart earlier, we are at the Media Attention phase. If you observe the chart closely, Media Attention is also the early stage or very beginning of the up trend. In investment, we must target to Buy Low, Sell High. With silver spot price around $30 (1 oz of low premium physical silver around RM115), right now is exactly the time value investor would get into the market and start buying physical silver.

Silver Investment Media Attention

Soon in the near future, the general public would push both the price and demand into Mania Phase. That is the time when you hear your neighbours talking about silver in supermarket, friends gathering, in mamak stall, etc. By then, you know silver price has gone up so high that the cycle is about to end. That is the time you will want to sell. Well, leave that for the future. We are nothing close to there, yet!

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