Maybank Silver Saving Account Part 2

Maybank has officially launched “Maybank Silver Investment Account” with the tagline: Invest with Maybank Silver Investment Account. The first ever offered. Discover the potential of silver and diversify your investment portfolio.


The “Maybank Silver Investment Account” has the following terms and condition:



Here is a quick analysis of “Maybank Silver Investment Account”


  1. Quick and easy way of start investing silver in Malaysia
  2. The saving passbook is backed by a reputable brand (Maybank)
  3. Low start up capital (using today’s price, RM58.60 + RM10).
  4. Low minimum top up (using today’s price, RM29.30)
  5. No liquidity problem, can sell anytime.


I have listed 5 cons in the my Lifetime Membership Site exclusively for members. If you would like to find out more about the disadvantages of “Maybank Silver Investment Account”, please join the Lifetime Membership Site

10 thoughts on “Maybank Silver Saving Account Part 2

    • Yup CF, you are right!
      CIMB started some time ago to sell physical silver. Now Maybank is catching up with paper silver. Soon silver will be as popular as gold in Malaysia!

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  2. Hi daniel. Can you tell me whether maybank’s is in paper form? Paper silver? Is not as value as physical silver right?

    • Hi Terrence, yes, the silver from Maybank is in paper form. I wouldn’t say it is “not as value as physical silver” but the fact is when you buy paper silver, you are buying a promise from the bank rather than physical silver that you can hold, touch, and sell to anyone you like in the future.

      • Thanks for the reply Daniel Foo. I read an article that paper silver is actually paper money, is it true? So what if the money currency drop will the paper silver become no value?

        • Precious metals and currencies move in reverse direction. If the value of currencies drops, precious metal price go up. Theoretically, the value of paper silver should rise together but the concern here is that you will be holding a paper with some numbers on it VS real physical silver.

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