Maybank Silver Saving Account Part 1

I saw the so-called Maybank Silver Saving Account passport for the first time about a month back. I tried many methods to look for more information from the internet but seem like I don’t have much luck.

After a month of asking around and looking for information online. There is totally no news about the Maybank Silver Saving Account.

Maybank Silver Saving Account

Today, I went to Maybank branch in Taman Midah, Cheras to ask about it. A Malay lady told me, “It’s is like the gold saving account, but this is silver. But the officer in charge has not reach the office”. She also told me that there is one officer in each branch, it is just so happened that the officer is not in office yet.

Well, I went back to the office 2-3 hours later. I was greeted by another Malay lady. I asked her about it and she said she knows nothing about it. She redirected me to (I guess) the most senior officer in the branch – a well dressed middle age gentleman. I told him that I would like to find out more about Maybank Silver Saving Account, but he gave me a what-are-you-talking-about face. So it seems like he didn’t know much about it too. He again and again asked if I saw it from Maybank website. The answer is No as I have checked several times in their official website that there is no news about the silver saving account.

I couldn’t get back to the first Malay lady who told there is an officer in charge for this. She is no longer in her desk (and obviously I don’t have all day to sit there to wait for her to come back). So, I left the branch disappointed without finding out much about the potential first silver saving account passport in Malaysia.

I will check out the other branches and call up their call center to see if I can find out more information about it – But as of now, the Maybank Silver Saving Account still remains as an uncertainty.

The closest silver saving program that I have seen so far in Malaysia is the My Silver Accumulator program from PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd. It provides a convenient channel for  Malaysians to start saving and investing in silver. Click here to find out more about My Silver Accumulator program from PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd.

Stay tuned for the next update for Maybank Silver Saving Account. Happy investing in silver!

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6 thoughts on “Maybank Silver Saving Account Part 1

  1. Same thing I went to Maybank on Tuesday and I asked them about Maybank Silver Investment A/C … but the maybank staff looked so blur as if he heard nothing about this product at all. Gosh! Msia BOLEH !!!! :PPP

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