How Much Was Property Price In 1980?

Do you know how much property price was in 1980 in Kuala Lumpur? The younger generation most likely cannot tell but let’s take a look a this scenario. Consider here is an average property:

  • Double storey 22 x 75
  • Less than 10km from city center
  • Reasonably good neighbour.
  • Reasonably good road accessibility.
  • Freehold land
  • Built by reputable developer
  • No water leak, not facing west.
  • Generally no problem.
  • Oh ya, no ghost too :)

In 1980, this property cost around RM60,000

We always hear from the property gurus saying that “we earn when we buy, not when we sell“. That basically means we need to buy undervalue property. In other words, buy below market price.

What if I tell you right now in 2012, this property is selling for 10% below 1980 price?

Do you think this is a good deal? Definitely yes! This property would easily cost RM400,000 to RM500,000 today. I would dig out all the cash hiding under my pillow and go for this deal. Unfortunately, this kind of property is almost non-existence. There is NO one thing that still has the price of 1980 in today’s measurement. Everything has gone up in price due to inflation.

However there is one thing is still selling below 1980’s price: SILVER

Everything else including gold price, petrol price, property price, stock market has gone up in price except silver. Silver price was almost $50 in 1980 but right now in 2012, silver price is just around $33. Not only it is below 1980 price, it is 30% below 1980 price!

Interestingly, the amount of available silver in 1980s was 4 billion oz. The amount of available silver in 2012 is only left with 1 billion oz.

The available silver is getting lesser and lesser. But the price is still below 1980 price. The demand for silver is going to push the price up to the sky. After adjusted for inflation, as long as silver has not reach $200, silver is still an undervalue asset for investor to invest.

Right now is the best time to start investing in silver. If you do not take action now, silver price might have just shoot up to sky high without warning and you will miss the opportunity. Click here to download the most complete guide on silver investment in Malaysia:

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