Genneva Raided By Bank Negara Malaysia

On 1st October 2012 evening, Bank Negara Malaysia have raided the famous gold trader Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd and its affiliates for suspected offences under the laws administered by the respective enforcement agencies.

Bank Negara said on Monday the joint raiding operation was carried by the police, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry, Companies Commission of Malaysia and the central bank.

The public is advised to be cautious in investing their money to avoid becoming victims of activities that are illegal and in breach of the law,” said BNM.

BNM said Singapore’s Commercial Affairs Department also conducted a similar operation against Genneva Pte Ltd in Singapore.

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3 thoughts on “Genneva Raided By Bank Negara Malaysia

  1. I have long suspected that this event will happen sooner or later. I have some bad experienced when dealing with Etika Emas i.e. modus operandi is more like Genneva. So long people is still greedy, no initiative to learn the actual term of investment, etc the organisations like Etika, Genneva etc will still continue to appear & operate to take advantage of this group of people.

  2. According to Gineva, it is a legitimate investment company. This company has been in operation for many years. Why only now did the authorities take action ? It seems there are more than 7,000 agents marketing the scheme and more than 40,000 investors. Is it legitimate ? How are they able to give out so high interests return and how do operate. Can you explain ?

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