Free Silver Report, Adolf Hitler & War World 3

For this week update, I want to share the following 3 resources with you:

Item No.1: Free Report: The Outlook For Silver Industrial Demand. It is a 15 pages free report provided by Silver Institute published in November 2012.

  • You will learn the Economic Outlook
  • You will learn silver industrial demand outlook.
  • You will know the role of silver in industrial items such as cars, solar panels, computers, televisions, iPhone, iPad, etc and silver the world has been consuming
  • You will know what are the countries have been buying silver for the past 8 years.
  • and a lot more…

Click here for your free download now!

Item No. 2: Mike Maloney vs Adolf Hitler video. A funny video on the greatest wealth transfer in human history spoken by Mike Maloney has finally come true. The story started by Robert Kiyosaki lend money to Mike Maloney to cut off key silver supplies by taking over coins shops in certain areas…

As David Morgan has spoken, the real potential of silver will only come at the last 10% of the time of bull run. This videos showed Hitler was trying to manipulate the silver price through technical analysis but unfortunately silver price manipulation could no longer manage the price. In my eBook: Practical Guide For Investing Silver in Malaysia, this situation is described as “wrapping fire with paper“, the manipulation cannot go on forever and when paper can no longer wrap fire (silver price manipulation get exposed), silver price will shoot up to a new level.

Item No. 3: War World III Simulation. When Israel started attacking Gaza, the conspiracy of War World III has again came back. This video produced by simulate what the world is going to look like if War World III actually happens.

Interesting in the video is gold, silver and oil are being mentioned again and again.

If you want to invest in oil, you cannot be storing a tank of oil in your apartment, your only option is paper oil. Some investors argue they do not like paper asset during crisis, hence the option is left with gold and silver. It is an obvious indication that during the time of crisis, everyone would run to precious metals which are gold and silver to protect their wealth.

Between gold and silver – where both of them are precious metal, silver is a much greater option to put your money in for one simple reason. Gold has value mainly due to people believe gold should have value. It is only about perspective. While for silver, apart from being recognized as real money for 4000-5000 years of history, silver also has real industry demand. The silver available on ground has dropped more than 93% since 1950. While the supply for gold has increased more than 600% since 1950. Gold is mainly being hoarded (kept in somewhere, not being used) while silver is being consumed by industrial demand.

Please download this free report to understand how great the demand for silver is. When industrial-demand consumes more and more silver each year and supply is not picking up, physical silver price will explode. A very good example to illustrate is whenever 1oz of physical silver is being mined, that 1oz is being traded approximately 100 times in COMEX (paper market) before being put for physical use.

This is how little silver there is left to be owned by investors. Put at least 15% to 20% of your money into silver before the silver bull run starts. Good luck investing! Until next week.

In Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysiayou will learn step by step how to invest silver in Malaysia to maximize your profit. In the eBook, you will learn the exact strategies and the safe places to buy your silver from. Click here to find out more.

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  1. I would like to have the daily Malaysia silver price report. Can you tell me which web site offer this ? May be daily, weekly , monthly or yearly as well.

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