eBook: Practical Guide for Investing Silver in Malaysia

This is about the new eBook I’m writing title: Practical Guide for Investing Silver in Malaysia. After blogging about silver in Malaysia for few months, I realized the posts that I wrote have been very much on my random thoughts and ideas rather than information being presenting in any particular structured manner. Therefore I have decided to write a simple eBook to share the knowledge regarding silver in Malaysia. The content mostly are my personal first hand experience, but obviously I do not know everything; on those topics that are important and I do not have first hand experience, I’m doing my best to research on the subject before present it into the eBook.

I started off learning about silver in year 2011 after going through Mike Maloney‘s book titled Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial Future. I believe in Malaysia, year 2010 / 2011 are the years when a lot of people started investing silver in Malaysia. In Malaysia, information is not easily available compare to western countries on “investing in silver” subject. Many people who started learning and investing in silver in year 2010 / 2011 were mostly trying to figure things out in the dark by themselves, trial and error and a lot of self education. Including myself. There is Lowyat Forum that discusses on the subject, it generally discuss about anything and everything about silver in Malaysia. Again, the information there is not presented in a any structured manner and make it extremely challenging for people to learn about silver investment. Then at the point of writing this, there are now 2 major online communities / Facebook groups (LSSG and SLS) that involve with buying, selling and discussing about silver in Malaysia but there is still no sight of information being presented in a structured manner about investing silver in Malaysia, therefore I’m writing this eBook to fill the gap.

The purpose of me writing this book is purely for information sharing purpose. I have been through the situation where learning about silver in Malaysia is not easy. I aim is to make this simple eBook serve as a starting point for beginners to learn more about silver in Malaysia. I reckon silver will soon be the next hot topic in the coming years like how investing in property was during 2009 – 2011 in Malaysia. Authoring a book now probably is a good time so that when the public start gaining more interest in silver investment, the information is readily available for the readers.

I have constructed the Table of Content in the following format, to be finalized soon. If there is something that you would like to read about but I have not included them, feel free to leave a comment to tell me that!

I hope this would beneficial for beginners to kick start their journey for Investing Silver in Malaysia. Any comment?

Update: Newer version of eBook available here

9 thoughts on “eBook: Practical Guide for Investing Silver in Malaysia

    • Hi Ong, this eBook is not available for download yet. I’m in the process of writing it. The above table of content has the topics I’m planning to write. You have any view on those?

  1. you could probably write interview some silver investors in malaysia who have been buying for a long time. get them to talk about how they started the investment and all. best still, u could even interview newly up and coming dealers in SLS.

  2. hi!..when can we expect the lauching date for ur ebook? range of price for this ebook? will u also provide affiliate system to market this ebook? coz i’d luv to be one of ur affiliate..last question..what is LSSG in FB?..i cudnt find it..

    • Hi Zul! Thanks for your interested in the eBook. The eBook is expected to be launched in end of February. It could be earlier, if I could complete it early. I’m already more than half way done. So stay tuned to my website.
      I’m going to throw a very shocking fact to you. I’m NOT going to sell this eBook. This eBook will be available for download for FREE! So sorry to disappoint you, there will be no affiliate program from me. At least for now 😉

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