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eBook Silver Malaysia

Practical Guide for: Investing Silver in Malaysia

The first silver investment in Malaysia eBook has been published titled Practical Guide for: Investing Silver in Malaysia !

Please click on the Download button below. It will lead you to a very simple registration page. I will need your name and email address so that I can send it to you. If there is a newer edition of the book, I will notify you through the email you have provided.

Sorry, this eBook is taken down for information update. Please subscribe to my mailing list . I’ll inform you immediately when the book is open for download again.

Sorry, this eBook is taken down for information update. Please subscribe to my mailing list . I’ll inform you immediately when the book is open for download again.

“Read this ebook. You will learn how to purchase your first silver coin in Malaysia within the first few pages. Daniel had done a great job producing this practical guide!”,

– KCLau, author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians and Top 93 Personal Finance FAQs in Malaysia

How to Buy Silver in Malaysia

How to buy silver in Malaysia

Many silver beginners have problem learning how to buy silver in Malaysia. Beginner often search through the internet and will randomly come across some sellers that provide silver to retail market but the buyers might not know what are the other options of how to buy silver in Malaysia.


How to Buy Silver in Malaysia - Facebook Individual Seller

Facebook Individual Seller – how to buy silver in Malaysia

Using Facebook group page is one the quickest and easiest methods to buy silver in Malaysia. There are more than 5000 members in a local Facebook silver community are actively trading silver in small to medium quantity. The number of member is still growing. The group is known as Silver Shop Lot. There are easily 50 – 100 posts each day that discuss on the active sales threads. A lot of members would closely monitor the thread in case there is any good deal that come up and they an quickly snap the deal. Apart from selling silver bars and coins (or round), the members also sell and buy silver related accessories such as air tite and weight scale. This is the most active online community for a beginner to have real life experience to learn how to buy silver in Malaysia.

How to Buy Silver in Malaysia - Lowyat Forum

Forum Individual Seller – how to buy silver in Malaysia

There are several forum threads that discuss how to buy silver in Malaysia. Some are even some discussion about precious metal in paid membership forum, but the most active forum that discusses about silver investment is in Forum Lowyat. There has already been 2 versions of the thread, the first thread is how to invest silver in malaysia, and the second (latest) version is Silver as investment V2. There is a lot of active discussion about almost everything related to silver. In the beginning of the thread, there were a lot of members offering their silver to be sold in the forum, however as more and more members were mixing the silver discussion and silver selling in the same thread, some of the members took the initiative to create another Facebook group specifically for the members from Lowyat Forum. More to be covered in the later part of the article. For now, there are still some forum members use a signature (at the bottom of a post) to notify the member on what they are selling.

eBay Individual Seller – how to buy silver in Malaysia

How to Buy Silver in Malaysia eBay

eBay is another source when you are considering how to buy silver in Malaysia. The sellers in eBay are relatively more ‘reliable’ compare to other individual seller as the seller has a reputation record that tie to their account. Buyer could leave a bad feedback to the particular seller therefore the sellers would be more responsible with their action. Of course if you are buying silver from eBay seller for the first time, do consider buying it from a seller who has a reasonable length of good history feedback from his customers / buyers. Another note, do consider buying from local eBay seller rather than international seller as importing silver coins from overseas might subject to tax. Click here to learn more about tax for silver in Malaysia. Feel free to check out a list of eBay sellers I have compiled in my website. Disclaimer: I have no direct or indirect business or personal relationship with them.

How to Buy Silver in Malaysia Website

How to Buy Silver in Malaysia Website

Website – how to buy silver in Malaysia

There are many websites floating in the internet that sells precious metal (gold and silver) as their business. Please refer to my Online Store Compilation List to check out some of the websites that are selling silver online. Be noted that such website is easily accessible and they offer higher credibility compare to individual seller. However you can forget about buying silver with a good price, big discount, or low premium. These websites typically make a good profit for setting up a good looking website for you to come in and buy silver from them. The main objective of these websites are to make money from you so that they can survive. Some might claim that they are providing a service to the public to buy silver but the bottom line is they need to earn a premium from you to ensure the continuity of their business. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a hassle free way of buying silver in Malaysia with good customer service, buying from website could be an option for you while you are considering how to buy silver in Malaysia.

Hope you have enjoyed reading How to Buy Silver in Malaysia!

Invest Silver in Malaysia

Ever since I have posted an article titled “Silver Price in Malaysia”, I’ve been receiving some emails from readers on how to invest silver in Malaysia. In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the factors to take note while investing silver in Malaysia.

Research on the type of silver in Malaysia, know your options.


Invest Silver in Malaysia

This is the most important step before starting to invest silver in Malaysia. Silver appears in many forms in Malaysia. Although almost all silvers are imported from overseas, there are legal tender coins, rounds, variety sizes and brands of bars are being traded freely in the local market. Conduct brief research on local online forums, Facebook group pages and local websites where the silvers are being traded. You have to understand what options you have before you invest silver in Malaysia in any form of silver. If you do not know your options, very likely you will be ‘slaughtered’ by the market rather than making money from it. For example, one of the local retail sellers who provide a Guarantee Buy Back scheme and another do not. However the sellers who provide a Guarantee Buy Back scheme do charge a higher premium for the silver while another seller is selling at a cheaper price. You will have to decide for yourself whether you the option of buying silver at a lower price or the option of buy a premium silver that tied to a Guarantee Buy Back scheme. Analyzing all the options to invest silver in Malaysia could be a little over-whelming in the beginning, but once the first round of analysis is completed, the coming investment journey is very much smoother.

Investment goal is a must and keep to your budget.


Invest Silver in Malaysia

Just like any other form of investment, you must have a clear investment goal while you invest silver in Malaysia. An investment goal merely means what is your plan to enter silver investment such as what form of silver to buy. Then you would have to determine how would you manage your silver investment such as whether to practise dollar cost average by using certain amount of Ringgit to buy silver every month. Lastly is to find determine an exist strategy. Many experts believe silver is destined to shine in the near future; therefore having 3 – 5 years holding period (or even longer) before cashing out your silver might be a good idea. However, one of the very important notes is NEVER borrow money to buy silver. You should only invest silver in Malaysia with excessive cash that you do not need because silver spot price is a highly volatile. You must keep to your budget while investing silver as you do not wish to trap into a situation where you borrowed RM 10, 000 from financial institution which charge you 10% interest and your silver investment has been falling in value (as silver price could drop anytime without prior warning). Since silver has a lower liquidity in Malaysia market (compare to gold), which means when you need to cash out your silver, it might not be easily turn physical silver into cash very quickly. Therefore you must have an investment goal that you are comfortable with and only invest silver in Malaysia according to your budget.

Deal with silver with honour.


Invest Silver in Malaysia

You will with a dealer to invest silver in Malaysia. There are many silver dealers in Malaysia. The dealers consist of individual dealers, dealers who work in a network and retail dealer who rent a commercial unit to sell silver. In the precious metal business, bear in mind that honour is a very important element. Traditionally in Malaysia, precious metal is a business where the industry player might not be highly literate but the industry players do honour their words in their transaction. A lot of silver dealers in Malaysia do allow their customers to ‘lock in’ the spot price through a phone call as a value added service to invest silver in Malaysia. Many buyers would take advantage of this service to ‘lock in’ the best price. However the buyers do not have a crystal ball to predict the lowest price. If the price started to fall 5% (which is very likely to happen) from the price the buyer has just ‘locked in’, the less honourable buyer would cancel the previous order to avoid the paper loss of 5%. This is not an honourable act. Currently there is no official law that prevent such behaviour; however there has been a local case in Malaysia where the dealers threaten the buyer for a lawsuit if the buyer does not honour the deal. Bear in mind that invest silver in Malaysia could get yourself into trouble if you do not honour your verbal deal.

There is not a lot of available resource available that discuss about how to invest silver in Malaysia, I hope this article would serve as a starting point for you to invest silver in Malaysia.

Silver Price in Malaysia

A Malaysian guide for Silver Price in Malaysia

There isn’t any fixed silver price in Malaysia. Repeat, the silver price in Malaysia is not fixed by individual or any organization. However, silver collectors and investors do have several favorite sources to benchmark silver price in Malaysia before they make any purchase. Base on the price (in USD), collectors and investors would convert the price back to Malaysia currency (RM) to get the silver price in Malaysia. The author would start off with how silver price in international market relate to silver price in Malaysia and then silver prices published by local silver seller and share an interesting story about silver price in Malaysia at the end.

1. Using Kitco to benchmark silver price in Malaysia

Kitco is one of the favorite source for Malaysian to check silver price. The image below is particular famous as it provide 3 days history of silver price.

Silver Price in Malaysia using Kitco
Silver Price in Malaysia using Kitco (USD)


2. Using to benchmark silver price in Malaysia is another favorite source to check silver price in Malaysia. Reason being is because when a person type “silver price” in Google, the first 3 results are coming from (at the point of writing this page). The silver price would be shown in the following graph:

Silver Price in Malaysia
Silver Price in Malaysia using (USD) – Daily Chart
Silver Price in Malaysia
Silver Price in Malaysia using (USD) – History Chart

3. Using 1StopGold to benchmark silver price in Malaysia

1StopGold is one of the biggest silver sellers that offer silver at competitive price (in Ringgit). The price 1StopGold offers has one of the lowest spread among all silver sellers. However do note that there are several negative remarks regarding their service in the silver seller and silver investor community. The price 1StopGold published on their website is not updated live, 1StopGold only update the website price once a day. Buyer will still have to call in to get the current price. You may check 1StopGold silver price here.


4. Using MySmartGold (live rate) to benchmark silver price in Malaysia

MySmartGold is another one of the biggest silver seller in Malaysia at competitive price (in Ringgit). Their silver price is transparent and easily accessible. The silver price is updated every second during their trading hours. Although the spread is slightly higher compare to 1StopGold, but the remarks from silver buyer is the whole transaction is way better. You may check MySmartGold silver price from here.

5. Using Facebook to benchmark silver price in Malaysia

At the point of writing this page, there are 2 very active Facebook groups that actively buying and selling all type of silver to the members. You may have to join the group before you can start posting. If you are a buying silver (coins or bars) in a smaller scale, this might be the place you want to check out the silver price in Malaysia. The Facebook group pages are:

6. Using other sources to benchmark silver price in Malaysia

There are a lot of smaller independent silver sellers who are not attached to any organization. They published their prices on their websites, eBay, forum, etc. You may check out more from here.

Real Life story for Silver Price in Malaysia

When the price of silver is hanging around USD 33+ (base on Kitco), I made a purchase of 1 tube of American Silver Eagle (x 20) coins from one of the sellers that offer competitive price. He has quoted me RM142 / oz which I found it reasonable after comparing to some of the other silver sellers. The next day, I was talking to my friend who happens to also bought 1 tube of American Silver Eagle (x 20) coins. My friend has paid for RM130 / oz. The seller does not sell silver for a living and was desperate to cash out fast. Therefore my lucky friend got to buy it with such a low price.

The point of sharing this experience is to tell that there is no fixed price for silver in Malaysia. The silver price in Malaysia is totally about willing buyer willing seller.

Good luck for getting the lowest silver price in Malaysia!