Robert Kiyosaki Predicted Global Economy Crisis in 2016

Robert Kiyosaki Predicted Global Economy Crisis in 2016

During Robert Kiyosaki  (the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) trip to Malaysia for National Achieve Congress in May 2012, he shared his view on world financial situation with Malaysians. He predicted global economy will break down in the next 4 years (2016).

Today, every nation in the world are heavily in debt. The last reported debt to GDP for Malaysia is 55% – which is not very healthy. U.S. and Europe are among the top for their debt level. Only China is leading the world economy by importing products from the rest of the world.

Diagram Taken From Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysia

China export has increased 5% but import has 0% growth. For those countries that export to China (including Malaysia), this is not a good sign.  Malaysia has to consider what the impacts are once China stop importing from Malaysia.

Robert also said “money is no longer money. The country is lack of financial education. If you believe going to school can make you rich, you are a fool. Getting your Master, Phd will not make you rich, it can only let you survive. So, we have to prepare for our financial future in the coming years. The question is, have you prepared?

In the eBook Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysia, the eBook teaches how medium class individuals can prepare and protect themselves from the coming financial crisis using silver.

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My Silver Accumulator

PM Accumulator Sdn Bhd has launched My Silver Accumulator for Malaysians to start saving and investing silver. This program is very suitable for average Malaysians who does not know much about silver investment to start investing. The program offers a safe, secured and convenient platform for the members to manage their silver investment portfolio.

In short, the My Silver Accumulator program can be summarized as a silver investment program where members consistently buy silver every month to achieve cost average. The purpose of implementing cost average is to protect investors from major price fluctuation and the investors would always get the average price within a period of time.

When a Member A (old member) gets another Member B (new member) to join the program, Member A will be receiving 1 oz of free silver as an incentive. Have a look at the following screen:

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Once a person sign up as a member, he will be given a login to the website platform to manage his silver investment portfolio as following:

My Silver Accumulator

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