Maybank Silver Saving Account Part 2

Maybank has officially launched “Maybank Silver Investment Account” with the tagline: Invest with Maybank Silver Investment Account. The first ever offered. Discover the potential of silver and diversify your investment portfolio.


The “Maybank Silver Investment Account” has the following terms and condition:



Here is a quick analysis of “Maybank Silver Investment Account”


  1. Quick and easy way of start investing silver in Malaysia
  2. The saving passbook is backed by a reputable brand (Maybank)
  3. Low start up capital (using today’s price, RM58.60 + RM10).
  4. Low minimum top up (using today’s price, RM29.30)
  5. No liquidity problem, can sell anytime.


I have listed 5 cons in the my Lifetime Membership Site exclusively for members. If you would like to find out more about the disadvantages of “Maybank Silver Investment Account”, please join the Lifetime Membership Site

Gold Silver Ratio Exceed 50, So…

Gold Silver Ratio is one of the main indicators to determine the value of gold and silver. Gold Silver Ratio basically means how many oz of silver it takes to exchange for on oz of gold. The calculation can be done by dividing gold price with silver price. For example, if gold price is $30 and silver price is $3, the calculation will be 30 / 3 = 10. The Gold Silver ratio will be 10.

Right now, gold price is $1598.40 and silver price is $27.44. That would make Gold Silver Ratio as 58.25.

Gold Silver Ratio mainly fluctuate between 50 to 55 for the past 6 months. Recently Gold Silver Ratio hit 59 and is obviously approaching 60. It is time to give a more serious thought into Gold Silver Ratio when we invest in silver. This is how Gold Silver Ratio looks for the past 6 months.

Looking at the 6 months chart, Gold Silver Ratio is on the uptrend.

In fact, if we look at the following 1 year Gold Silver Ratio chart, it has broken the 2 major resistances at 54 and 58 respectively. Which further proves the point that Gold Silver Ratio is on uptrend.

Okay, it’s on uptrend, but so what? What does it mean to investors?

If you plan to exchange your gold for silver right now, think again. Reason is simply because Gold Silver Ratio is on uptrend. 1 oz of gold might change you 58 oz of silver now. If you are willing to hold on a little longer, 1 oz of gold might change you 68 oz of silver in the next 6 months.

Gold Silver Ratio can only go up base on the following 2 variables:

  1. Gold price goes up faster than silver
  2. Silver price drops faster than gold

$26 is a very strong support for silver price. Recently, the market has been testing it several times and luckily it has not been broken. Once it is broken, the next support we are looking at is $18. In the Malaysia Silver Investor Membership Site I did talk about how we should invest accordingly base on the price changes:

 In the eBook Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysia, it discusses the exit strategy using Gold Silver Ratio. In the membership site, I do give frequent updates and I would personally answer ALL questions being asked. This is the best education for silver investment in Malaysia. When comes to investment, the best advice I have personally received is “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance“.

Until next time, good luck with your silver investment and I will update you more in the membership site.

Sell Back Silver In Malaysia

This following infographic are provided by my friend Jay Tiew Jin Jie. He is also the founder of Melaka Silver Group.

Alternatively, you can also consider downloading this eBook written by my another friend Ikram Adi who is also an expert in local silver market. In this eBook, he has included a case study on how he analyzes the silver price movement and how can anyone take advantage of the price movement. Click here to download… 

2 Months Cycle

Few days back in my previous posting, I mentioned now is a good time to buy some silver. Today, I will show you another reason why you should buy silver now.

Looking at the following chart, there is a 2-months cycle happening in the trend. Since November 2011, market comes down for 2 months (until January), up for 2 months (until March), and down again for 2 months (until May). Right now, we are at the end of the last cycle which is start in March. If the trend continues, we can expect a change of direction in silver price.

Together with the head and shoulder pattern. now is a good time to buy some silver.

If you are interested to learn more about technical analysis and forecast the movement of price, please consider reading this book written by Ikram Adi where he explains one simple and effective formula to forecast silver price movement. Click here to download

Until next time, happy investing silver in Malaysia!


Head And Shoulders

Head-and-shoulders” pattern is one of the most reliable trend-reversal patterns.

This is a typical head-and-shoulders pattern that we can see where there are 2 shoulders and a head. There is a neckline that joins them together. The green dotted line length and blue dotted line length are the same length. Base on this length, the we can target (or forecast) where to trend will stop at.

Now if we flip over the chart, we can see an inverted “head-and-shoulders” pattern.

This is the exact opposite of the previous chart. In the earlier chart, the movement is towards down trend and this chart is towards up trend. Again, I want to stress that the green color line length and blue color line length are the same length for us to forecast the price movement.

The reason I’m showing this today is because there is a similar pattern happening in silver price chart:


Looking at the chart and refer to the inverted “head-and-shoulders” pattern, it is suggesting the price might hit the target price which is $ 46 by end of this year. However do note that $ 44 is a resistance that might stop silver price from going there. Well, regardless whether it is hitting  $ 46 or $ 44, there is still much more room for silver price to go up in current short to medium term.

If you are interested to learn more about technical analysis and forecast the movement of price, please consider reading this book written by Ikram Adi where he explains one simple and effective formula to forecast silver price movement. Click here to download

Until next time, happy investing silver in Malaysia!

David Morgan Precious Metals Conference

There are many people said that the silver spike toward $50 last year was the peak for the silver market. Don’t be fooled, we heard the same thing in 2008 after silver had hit the $21+ level and during the depths of the financial crash silver sold near the $9 level. While many were being pessimistic, silver expert David Morgan said: Buy! Buy! Buy!

And buy some more! When gold price dropped silver was at the buy of a lifetime…it’s silver investing that could make you rich! One of the most fundamental lesson from David Morgan is “If there is only one thing to teach you about the upcoming silver bull market it is this – 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time!

To prove the point, I have use a 10 year chart from 2002 until 2011. The biggest increase of silver price happened from $16 until $50. The period for that price increase is merely 1 year plus from 2010 to 2011. If you are wondering why silver price is not rising, hold on there. When the time is right, silver price will rise so fast that you cannot believe you see with your eyes. Again, 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time!

By the way, if you are interested to learn a good strategy for silver investment and learning how take advantage of the price fluctuation, Ikram Adi has an eBook that teaches investors in Malaysia how to maximize your profit from silver investment. There is a free case study come together with his eBook, from that case study, he will demonstrate his formula and how he could take advantage from the silver price fluctuation. If are seriously about silver investment and have not read his eBook, I highly recommend you to download now. He will show you some tricks on how to identify the correct time and price to buy and to sell silver. This strategy alone has helped many people (including me) to save and to make a lot of money.

This is a global physical silver rush. Not just in Malaysia. This time is the biggest wealth transfer in human history. It will not be about being a smart real estate investor, or understanding that technology is leading the growth cycle, or the Japanese have a more efficient system. It will be about – FEAR.

How often you hear about people not having enough money in their KWSP / EPF? How many of you worry that there is no enough money in your KWSP / EPF? I do. This is the kind of fear that will cause the global middle class (of course including Malaysians) to rush into silver, which bring physical silver price to unimaginably high. This will be a snow ball effect, when the public start rushing into silver and everyone is buying silver, the price will increase so fast that everyone else would start buying silver.

Until next time, be careful and happy investing in silver!

Ikram Adi Menerangkan Harga Silver Di Malaysia

Sekiranya anda baru menceburi bidang pelaburan silver, harga silver boleh menjadi amat mengelirukan. Ikram Adi telah menyediakan satu video yang menerangkan pengiraan harga silver di Malaysia. Video ini amat memanfaatkan kepada kebanyakkan pelabur silver seperti kita.

Sebelum kita melabur wang kita, saya rasa melabur dalam ilmu adalah paling berbaloi. Belajari pengetahuan dan teknik yang berkesan dalam pelaburan adalah amat penting untuk mendapatkan kepulangan yang maksimum. Sekiranya anda ingin belajar lebih banyak daripada Ikram Adi, anda boleh melayari website beliau iaitu:

Selamat melabur!

Harga Silver 1970

Menurut Wikipedia, analisis teknikal adalah analisis bagi meramal arah tuju harga melalui kajian data pasaran yang lepas. Pada minggu lepas, saya berbincang harga silver yang terperangkap di dalam corak bendera. Saya menggunakan data sejarah gold untuk meramalkan arah tuju harga silver. Jika anda belum baca penulisan itu, saya mencadangkan anda membacakan.

Minggu ini kita akan melihat sejarah pergerakan harga silver yang menarik ini bagi meramalkan pergerakan harga silver dalam 2012. Kita akan kembali kepada sejarah pada tahun 1968 hingga 1973. Perhatikan saya telah melukis 13 point dalam tempoh ini untuk melambangkan corak naik dan turun. Selepas point ke-13, harga silver melonjak.

Kini pada tahun 2012. Saya mendapati corak yang agak sama dalam harga silver untuk 1 tahun yang lalu.

Perhatikan 2 carta dengan teliti. Kedua-dua carta amat serupa. Adakah kami sudah berada di point ke-13? Jika ya, adakah ini bermakna harga silver akan melonjat pada bila-bila masa dari sekarang? Itu adalah untuk kamu untuk menjawab!

Adi Ikram adalah rakan saya yang amat mahir dalam ramalan harga silver. Beliau mempunyai teknik special dan mudah untuk menentukan bila adalah masa yang baik (dan bila adalah masa “kurang baik”) untuk membeli perak. Ini adalah apa yang beliau katakan sebelum harga silver turun sebanyak 30% pada bulan Mei 2011. Beliau meramalkan harga silver jatuh 30% dan ramalannya menjadi kenyataan. Beliau juga meramalkan harga silver akan kembali di antara $ 30 hingga $ 34. Hakikatnya, harga kembali pada $ 32.40. Sekali lagi, ramalan beliau tepat. Agak menakjubkan Ikram ini kan?

Selepas saya membaca eBook beliau, saya menyedari bahawa beliau adalah seorang pelabur yang sangat berpengetahuan. Saya mengesyorkan anda membaca ebook beliau.

Sekiranya anda ingin mempelajari pelaburan perak secara mendalam, Ikram Adi telah berkongsi Strategi Pelaburan Silver Yang Membolehkan Beliau Membeli Silver Dengan DISKAUN 79%. Anda boleh muat turun eBook 18 muka secara PERCUMA.

Harap anda telah menikmati posting minggu ini. Selamat melabur silver!

Cheap Silver Ends In 2012 – English

Since the last post on Silver Price Movement, I have got some requests to make more post on technical analysis related to silver price. Here is another post related to silver price movement. (Initially I wanted to put this information into the new book I’m writing, but when I think again, by the time my book get published, this information would already been outdated. So I’m sharing this information in this blog instead.)

Gold and silver are good brothers. When gold goes up, silver goes up; when gold comes down, silver comes down. Technical analysis is all about using historical data to anticipate future price movement. In this post, gold past performance is used to predict current silver price movement.

I have drawn a triangle to represent gold price was consolidating in mid 2006 until late 2007. Then a flag is formed. Price movement was trapped in the flag for a while. Once gold price broke the flag pattern, price shoot up to WAY HIGHER than historical peak.

Now let’s look at silver chart. Nature of silver price is more volatile than gold. It is expected to see silver price has a bigger fluctuation compared to gold (in terms of percentage).

Similar to gold, silver price has form a triangle from 2008 until late 2010. Once the triangle is consolidated, a flag is formed. We are in the flag right now. There might be another small dip within the flag, but it doesn’t really matter. Once the flag is matured, we can expect silver price will shoot to 1980 high and go beyond it, just like how gold price did.

If you would like to learn more about silver investment in depth, feel free to download this eBook Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysia to know the exact step by step strategy to invest silver in Malaysia!

If you think you have learn something from this post, feel free to share the link with your friends and family or share it in Facebook. I hope you enjoy this week post. Happy investing in silver!

Perak Murah Akan Berakhir Di 2012

Sejak menulis berkenaan Silver Price Movement, saya telah menerima beberapa permintaan untuk menulis lebih banyak tentang analisis teknikal harga perak. Penulisan ini adalah pergerakan harga perak yang terbaru. (Saya hendak meletakkan maklumat ini dalam buku baru yang saya sedang menulis, tetapi apabila difikirkan semula, apabila buku baru saya diterbitkan, maklumat ini sudah ketinggalan zaman. Jadi saya mengambil keputusan untuk berkongsi maklumat ini di dalam blog ini.)

Emas dan perak adalah abang-beradik yang rapat sekali. Apabila harga emas naik, harga perak naik,apabila harga emas turn, harga perak turun. Ilmu analisis teknikal menggunakan data terdahulu untuk menjangka pergerakan harga masa depan. Dalam penulisan ini, sejarah prestasi emas digunakan untuk meramalkan pergerakan harga perak pada masa akan datang.

Saya telah melukis segitiga untuk mewakili harga emas berkukuh (consolidate) pada pertengahan 2006 sehingga lewat 2007. Kemudian corak bendera terbentuk. Pergerakan harga terperangkap dalam corak bendera untuk sementara waktu. Sebaik sahaja harga emas memecahkan corak bendera, harga emas melonjak LEBIH TINGGI daripada puncak sejarah pada 1980.

Sekarang mari kita melihat carta perak. Sifat pergerakan harga perak adalah lebih ekstrem berbanding dengan harga emas. Ia adalah dalam jangakaan melihat harga perak mempunyai pergerakan harga yang lebih besar berbanding dengan harga emas (dari faktor peratusan).

Seperti emas, harga perak telah membentuk segitiga dari 2008 sehingga lewat 2010. Apabila segitiga diperkukuhkan, corak bendera dibentukan. Kita berada dalam corak bendera sekarang. Kemungkinan terdapat satu lagi kejatuhan harga kecil dalam corak bendera, tetapi tidak penting sangat. Sebaik sahaja corak bendera matang, kita boleh menjangkakan harga perak menuju hingga paras tertinggi 1980 dan melepasi batasan itu, seperti apa yang berlaku pada harga emas dalam sejarah.

Sekiranya anda ingin mempelajari pelaburan perak secara mendalam, rakan saya Ikram Adi telah berkongsi Strategi Pelaburan Silver Yang Membolehkan Beliau Membeli Silver Dengan DISKAUN 79% dalam eBook beliau. Sila melayari website beliau untuk muat turun eBook 18 muka secara PERCUMA.

Sekiranya anda rasa anda telah mempelajari sedikit sebanyak dalam penulisan ini, sila berkongsi link dengan rakan dan keluarga anda atau berkongsi di Facebook. Saya berharap anda menikmati penulisan untuk minggu ini. Selamat melabur perak!