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Review on Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? by Jonathan Quek

This is a Review on Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? by Jonathan Quek. The book is written in 6 parts. I will give a short review / summary on each part of the book.

Part 1 – Fiat money and the fairly tale bank: Understanding inflation and the Federal Reserve

This part covers a comprehensive explanation in US monetary history. It discussed about the creation of Federal Reserve System (Fed). It emphasized that Fed is neither ‘federal’ nor it has any ‘reserves’. The evolution of money could be broken into 5 stages which are: 1. Barter Trade, 2. Gold and Silver, 3. Gold and silver certificates, 4. Fractional reserve banking and 5. Fiat Currency. These 5 stages are based on US monetary history. Many examples are giving through using US Congress, Fed, The Great Depression, Bretton Woods system, etc. Since all countries currencies are directly and indirectly pegged to US Dollar, the printing money in US affects the rest of the world that leads cash to become trash.

Part 2 – The debt and the dollar: Understanding symptoms of economics doomsday

This part discussed heavily on global economy. US as the largest economy power is put into microscope and being analyzed. US is trouble in due to the Food Stamp Participation, military spending, housing bubble, unemployment rate, new debts, and inflation. Also, discussion on many countries that have been through hyperinflation including Argentina, Austria, Brazil, China, Israel, Mexico, Philippines, Russian Federation, Taiwan, United States, Zimbabwe, Germany, Greece and the collapse of European PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain). Leaders who are in economical power always choose the easy way out during financial crisis (to print more money to solve the problem), rather than admitting to their mistake and rectify the root cause of the monetary problem.

Part 3 – The prophets of wealth: Our economics future and interviews with the experts.

The part discussed the possible global economy scenario. 1. Mild Inflation, 2. Deflation, 3. Major Inflation, 4. Hyperinflation. Regardless of which scenario, gold and silver will continue rising. Among all, mild inflation is the least likely to happen; while hyperinflation is the most likely to happen. Jonathon explained in detailed about hyperinflation using Germany as an example. The chapter also gave top 12 warning signals of hyperinflation and each signal is explained with specific examples. This part ended with some short interviews with Jim Rogers, James Turk and Victor Foo.

Part 4 – The gold and the bold: ABCs of investing in gold

This chapter covers the fundametal in gold. It describes the 10 characteristics of gold and 5 reasons on why gold is the most treasured among all precious metal, 3 main sources of the gold supply and 3 major demands of gold. Also, this part of the book includes practical guidance on how to purchase gold in Malaysia and explaining some of the terms in precious metal investing. This part ended with 18 hottest questions and Jonathan has answered them in very simple manner.

Part 5 – Silver, the new gold: ABCs of investing in Silver

“If you think gold is good…wait till you see Silver!”, that’s how Jonathan put into his book. Just like all of us who see the potential in silver investment, Jonathan too believes silver as investment will be very profitable. In this chapter, he talked about 5 major reasons why silver is a good investment. He continued with discussing how one can buy himself some silver as investment. The chapter ended with a list of FAQ related to silver investment. This chapter consist of 28 pages of content.

Part 6 – Cruising in your ark amidst tsunami: Gold and silver, the barometer of world prosperity

The last chapter is a short chapter. Jonathan emphasis the importance of investing gold and silver because the next financial tsunami is coming. This is an unfair transfer of wealth, whether you like it or not. He has illustrated with several ASEAN countries on how did precious metal perform during 1997 financial crisis. Lastly, he again urged everyone to invest in gold and silver!

Hope you have enjoyed reading the Review on Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? by Jonathan Quek. If you are interested to get one copy for yourself, you can buy it from BookPlanet. If you find this review useful, please share it :) If you like to get update from me, please subscribe now to get updates from me from time to time.

Silver Price Movement

Silver price has been very exciting in the past 12 months. If you look at the below chart, you can see that within a short period of time, silver price has shoot up to USD 49 and felt down to USD 27. If an investor unfortunately bought silver at USD 49, he would probably get a heart attack when silver price hit USD 27. That is 45% price drop!

What can you tell from the above chart? If you are like most people (including myself), this chart doesn’t seem very interesting. However, I met a new friend from Facebook and he has pointed out something very interesting from this chart and I have decided to share it here. Look, this is what he has shown me:

Silver price seems like consistently not able to break several major resistant levels. Resistance level is where the price tends to find resistance as it is going up. This means the price is more likely to “bounce” down this level rather than break through it.

By looking at the chart, it silver price is potentially not able to break the current resistance level like how it happen during May 2011 and Sept 2011. It seems the possibility of silver price going down is higher than the possibility of silver price going up. However, if silver price is able to break this resistance level, the price might shoot up significantly.

So what can you do with this information? Well, if you believe silver price is not going to break this resistance level, you should not buy any silver in the next few days and wait for silver price to significantly go down before buying. On the other hand, if you do not believe in this trend and believe silver price will break this resistance level, you should buy now before the price shoot higher.

Time will tell whether silver price will go up or go down. In the mean time, where do you think silver price is going?

Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? from Donation

Since the launch of the eBook “Practical Guide for: Investing Silver in Malaysia“, I have received 2 generous donations. One from Mr. Yong who has donated RM30 to my bank account. Another from Bernard Tan who has rewarded me an 1/10 oz of ASE round.

The donation so far is about RM40. I have decided to spend this amount of money back on something that can benefits the readers. See this image? Yes, I have spent the money to purchase the book written by Jonathan Quek titled “Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?” (that costs RM39.90) I understand a lot of people would like to know more about what other silver experts are saying but just too busy to find the time to read the whole book. The objective I bought this book is to write a review on this book and let you know what this book is about.

I have received the book yesterday with Jonathan Quek’s autograph on the book:

Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? by Jonathan Quek

So, stay tune for my next post on writing a review on the book  written by Jonathan Quek titled “Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?“. In case you are interested to buy the book as well, you can order it online from BookPlanet

Gold Silver Ratio

The gold silver ratio is frequently analyzed by investors, traders and speculators. These people use it to determine which metal is overvalued. Precious metal enthusiasts are familiar with the gold silver ratio, but most casual investors are baffled by the term and what it means.

Take a look at an interview video from one of the silver experts, David Morgan.

Simply put, the gold silver ratio tells how many ounces of silver it would take to buy a single ounce of gold. Traditionally, the gold silver ratio was used by governments to determine the ratio of gold coins minted to silver coins minted. The first US gold/silver ratio was set by the government in 1792. Fifteen ounces of silver coin could be minted for every one ounce of silver. That means the gold silver ratio was 15:1. The ratio has occasionally Continue reading

Mike Maloney Gold & Silver Insights 2012

Leigh Greenberg speaks with Mike Maloney on price action, inflation/deflation, international diversification, counterfeits and more.

In this interview, Mike Maloney is discussing the issue on prices spikes of gold and silver in 2008 compared to 2011. Gold and silver investors taking advantage of lower prices. He also answered whether how healthy is this bull market. He reaffirmed that gold and silver are money, not just a commodity. Continue reading

Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney answers a question asked at the Casey Research Summit: “What would you change about your book (Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver) if you were to re-release it today?” He explains the difference between the precious metals bull market of the 1970’s when he was growing up and the tremendous growth he can foresee in the years ahead.

Find out more about Mike Maloney

Video Source: YouTube

The Silver Market Psychology & Inflation

A look at the silver market, focusing on supply and demand, psychology, and inflation with:

  • Victor Adair (Market Analyst)
  • Dr. Andrey Pavlov (Professor of Finance, Simon Fraser University)
  • Tara Immell (Professor of Finance, Simon Fraser University)
  • David Morgan (Founder of

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