Dr. Gordon Pederson

Silver is known for being applied in health science, listen to Dr. Gordon Pederson what can silver do to your body.


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The following article has first appeared in SilverHealthInstitute.com by Dr. Gordon Pederson

Silver’s Long, Proven History and Health

“Silver has an interesting history. Our mountains are made of silver particles, and as rainwater drains through these particles, it becomes purified spring water. Greeks used to use silver containers to purify their water. Pioneers used silver coins in their milk containers to purify the milk. What that means is that it killed the bacteria that caused the milk to go bad.

Silver has been used in containers, and now is even being used as needles to destroy bacteria. Needles for medical use. We’ve got silver that’s being used in clothing. The military uses it in the armpits and sock, and that silver kills the bacteria that causes order, and possibly even disease. So, what you are seeing is that silver destroys bacteria, viruses, and yeast. As such, we can use it in our washing machines, we can use it in our clothing, we can take it internally and it’s going to destroy those pathogens that could have caused disease.

Now we’ve learned to put a charge on that nanoparticle of silver. A particle so tiny it will fit inside a single red blood cell. Now, with that ability to transfer anywhere in the body, and destroy bacteria, viruses, and yeast, you’ve got a pathogen killing machine that’s as tiny as a single cell.

Silver is Nature’s Finest Germ Killer

Silver destroys bacteria, viruses and yeast. It does so very effectively. In fact that in lab studies, we’ve found that if you place a pathogen that can cause disease – from bacteria, from viruses, from yeast – add to it the silver, especially in the alkaline form, the molecular structure that’s tetrahedral will destroy those pathogens in under 6 minutes.

In fact, a pharmaceutical test reported that we can destroy even MRSA. That stands for Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. That’s the staph bacterium that causes flesh eating bacteria diseases; its eats your flesh. Even the resistant form, meaning bacteria that can’t be killed by the drugs, the antibiotics can’t even kill it; silver, in this form, can kill that in about six minutes.

In addition to staph and strep and e-coli, that causes food poisoning, salmonella causes food poisoning and pseudomonas aeruginosa, some of the most difficult bacteria and yeast like candida, are killed in under 6 minutes, using this form of tetrahedral molecularly strong silver, in an alkaline setting.

Is Silver Safe?

Silver is very safe when used in the right concentrations, in the right forms, and in the right manners. For instance, silver can come as a liquid. As a liquid with ten parts per million, you’d have to drink 16 ounces of that liquid every day for 72 years, it’s estimated, if none of it left your body, before you would reach a point where it would saturate your system causing argyria.

On the other hand, people who make their own colloidal silvers actually can have a problem, because many of them will make silvers with 50,000 parts per million. Those parts can accumulate because they are charged with the wrong electromagnetic charge, and they are put in a parts per million that is nothing less than an accumulation of silver in the fats. So, when you get a permanently dissolved silver in a liquid form, residing in an alkaline system, you know you’ve got the safest silver, and that you’re going to be able to take two teaspoons twice a day with a huge margin of safety. In fact, I’ve never seen anybody have an argyria problem, or any allergic reaction to this form of silver, even when they take it in large doses.

What this means to you is: identify the silver, identify the form of the silver, and identify the amount you are going to take. If you stay with what is listed on the label, you’re the person who is never going to have a problem with safe silver.” Dr. Gordon Pedersen

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Silver Street

Silver items price might be varied at the point of publishing this article and the point of visitor visiting Silver Street website.

Silver items price might be varied at the point of publishing this article and the point of visitor visiting Silver Street website.

Silver Street by AA Stackers Enterprise is one of the fastest growing silver dealers in Malaysia that provides affordable silver investment items to the general public. I have personally met up with the founder, Afham Aziz several times for multiple purchases. I found he is reliable, professional and provide valuable service for silver investors. He is someone I would pleasantly deal with again.  Below is an interview I recently have with Afham on 6th May 2013.

==== Begin of Interview ====

daniel-fooDaniel (SilverInMalaysia.com): Hi Afham, I have seen you started your silver store since day-1, where your web-store only started with 4-5 products until you now have a professional and comprehensive e-commerce website, http://www.silverstreet.my/ Yourselves being the founder of Silver Street, what made you so determined and passionate on  providing silver investment items to Malaysians?

Afham AzizAfham (Silver Street): Actually, business is my passion. I always aim to become a successful businessman. To achieve my target, I never give up looking for a good opportunity. In year 2011, a friend of mine has shared his interest in gold investing. His convincing perspective and information, has become an eye opener. The feeling to involve in silver investment business becomes stronger when I found that within 1 year (2011 -2012), there was a 30% gain in gold price. So, I did a lot of research and study about precious metal price movement. My research has provided me with the understanding that silver has better prospect than gold.

Daniel: I have personally bought from you a couple of times. You have proven that you do provide great service to your customers; I have no doubt on what you have just said. So, do you think silver has good potential?

Afham: Customer satisfaction is always my priority in my business approach and I am glad that you are happy dealing with me. To be honest, I never think any other business that has potential as good as silver. Comparing to gold, silver has larger market segment as well as affordable to all levels.

Daniel: Why?

Afham: Most of us know that silver is widely used in our daily life. Computer, hand phone, photography equipment and any other electronic devices need silver as the best conductor and the demand for these products are increasing over the time. When we were in younger age, computer and hand phone were luxury items but today, they are a need in our life. This demand will increase in future where the silver supply is decreasing. Hence, bullish momentum in silver will continue.

Daniel: Let’s get back to your web store, do you think it is safe to buy silver online these days?

Afham: Yes, definitely. Even we do not provide insurance as Malaysian courier does not cover for precious metal, but we never face any missing or undelivered parcel. Also, we guarantee you that our silver bar and coin are genuine. We did random test on stocks from time to time and all of them passed the test. If customer wants to ensure that silver they bought are genuine, they can get an Densimeter scale from our online store.

Daniel: How do you ensure your customers really received what they have paid for? Well ok, let me put this plainly, how can the customers make sure that after they paid you money, they would not be cheated?

Afham: We have 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If any customers are not happy with their purchased products, we will offer 100% refund of the product’s price. Just let us know within 7 days. By the way, our market is not only limit to Malaysian. We have our customers in other nations like Brunei and we even sold and shipped to customer in Europe. They trust us, why don’t you?

Daniel: That’s impressive. I just visited your web-store 15 minutes ago, I saw your web-store have so many silver items, which item should investors start looking at? 

Afham: Silver buyers are divided into 2 categories – one is collector and another is investor. We have covered both categories. For collectors, they may look at our Lunar Series range as the mintage of 1oz coins is just 300,000 pcs worldwide and all of them were sold out at mint. Even its premium is little high, but it offers stability and uniqueness. Stability in price is very important especially when silver price is so volatile these days. Another group of buyer is investors and they often look for lowest premium possible. We have silver bars and famous low premium coins – Canadian Maple Leaf and American Silver Eagle (ASE) to win this group. We believe, our price are among the lowest in the market.

Daniel: That’s a good piece of advice. When I first started investing in silver, no one ever gives this sort of advice and I was kinda lost by trying out things one by one – which was a really painful lesson! To certain extend, I even lost money for buying wrong type of silver. You know, that’s why now I’m dedicated to provide silver investment education in my blog and my eBook.

Afham: Doing something that we are not really good at is a risk. I myself experienced all those ups and downs but the most import is we learn from it – be it good or bad experience. To keep risk as low as possible, I read a lot about precious metal investment and your blog was one of them. I would say, your articles played big part in my decision to involve in this business. I think, I have to thank you for such a good and informative articles.

Daniel: You are welcome. Alright, let’s wrap this up, if I want you to provide 1 most important silver investment advice, what would that be?

Afham: Before anyone start, educate yourselves about silver investment. Knowledge is the king. Once you think you are ready, buy silver consistently every week or month to get the best out of it. It is always better to prepare for the worst than merely praying for the best.

Daniel: That is another great advice. So, if people want to find out more about the silver items you are selling, how can they reach you?

Afham: Your readers may take a look at our online store, http://www.silverstreet.my They also can reach me at +60 13 926 6600 or email sales@silverstreet.my if they have any inquiries.

Daniel: Ok, thank you very much for your time!

Afham: You’re welcome.

==== End of Interview ====

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Apocalypse Revisited: Silver Market Update

by Joshua Enomoto, Founder of ContangoDown.com and FutureMoneyTrends.com contributor

With spot-silver down below the all-important $30 mark again, many market participants are understandably frustrated: if the fundamentals are so bullish, like so many experts and gurus emphasize, then why the %&$# are the precious metals taking a beating!? Usually, the answer proposed by the alternative investment community is “manipulation by the Rothschild cabal” or “irrational market behavior.” While I am neither a conspiracy theorist nor a psychologist, I will offer three points:

  1. There are irregularities in the silver sector
  2. Similar irregularities have occurred in the past
  3. The long-term market (+8 months) is more bullish than bearish

First, let’s acknowledge the irregularities in silver by examining its derivative market, popularly known as the “options chain” of iShares Silver Trust, or SLV. Options are contracts that give the owner the right, but not the obligation, to purchase (call option) or to sell (put option) an underlying market entity at a specific price within a specified period of time (Murphy, John J ; author of Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets). Options in and of themselves have no intrinsic value but rather derive value from an underlying asset, hence the name “derivative.” In most cases, the options fluctuate in value according to the market action of the underlying asset, but options are traded within its own market sector. Both fundamental and technical analysts examine the put/call ratio (which is a ratio of put volume divided by call volume) to determine market sentiment. A high put/call ratio suggests bearish sentiment, as volume is more heavily focused on the trading of puts (where the owner of the put makes profits from an underlying asset moving downwards in price). However, an excessively high put/call ratio can often be used as a contrarian indicator, where market sentiment has gone too bearish and that a bullish reversal is likely.

For the chart below, I have plotted the put/call ratio for SLV options with expiration dates in March through January (2014). Within the same chart, a similar ratio was plotted for open interest, or options that are not closed or delivered within a particular trading session.

As expected, March options are indicating bearish sentiment, as the put/call ratio is 1.3, meaning there are 1.3x as many puts traded as there are calls. In the near-term, it is very possible to see silver challenge horizontal support at $28 and even $26. However, we also have to keep in mind that overall, the put/call ratio is about 0.5 or less, meaning that call volume is usually twice as much as put volume in future contract months.

The one glaring exception is options that expire in October 2013. Here, the put/call ratio is 2.42, dwarfing the ratios registered in other contract months. This is a major irregularity in the silver market as bearish open interest does not rise in accordance with the volume. Specifically, what is causing the ratio rise is put options with a strike price of $26 (which equates to roughly $27 in the spot-market), where volume is 3,019, over 5 times higher than the next most dense put. In fact, the volume exceeds open interest by over 270%, suggesting massive activity. As it is highly unusual for volume to exceed open interest, especially by such a large margin, an investor can reasonably speculate that the October options activity is a contrarian indicator.

For a look at how a “normal” options market operates, let’s consider Carnival Cruise Line, or ticker symbol CCL:

To no one’s surprise given the recent black-eye that Carnival gave to the cruise line industry, bearish activity increased for March options. This is evidenced by both a high put-to-call ratio, as well as a high open interest for puts relative to calls. However, both the volume and the open interest ratios decline the further out the contract months are spread, confirming the normalcy bias of stock market psychology: over time, stocks tend to increase in value. Also, despite the current bearishness, CCL is in a comparatively healthy industry. It is very difficult to beat the “fun per dollar” basis that the cruise industry offers, and therefore, the above chart is indicative of short-term setbacks but long-term growth.

Unlike CCL, silver bullion’s price actions at times betray its fundamentals and this discrepancy is most noticeable when analyzing palladium. As an element, palladium is imbued with unique properties that make it indispensable for operating our sophisticated society. In fact, developments in advanced sectors such as fuel cell technology would be impossible without this element. This makes it similar to silver in that many of our technologies that we take for granted would not come to fruition were it not for precious metals. The key difference, though, is palladium’s usage is centered on industrial or commercial demand, with a majority share allocated towards the automotive sector as a critical component of catalytic converters. Investment demand, while not unheard of, is currently nowhere near the popularity of gold and silver bullion.

This has the advantage of making palladium’s market action easier to predict: as the automotive industry goes, so goes palladium. Most of the time, there is a strong correlation between spot-palladium and the Dow Jones Transportation Average; therefore, with the transportation index hitting all-time highs, it’s no wonder that palladium is the least affected in the recent downturn of the precious metals sector. However, silver also plays an important part in the automotive sector, with 36 million ounces appropriated for this industry. While that only represents 4 ~ 5% of annual mining production, your car simply wouldn’t function without silver. Also, with investment demand heavily leaning towards bullishness, as evidenced by the SLV options chain, spot-silver should be moving up, or at the very least, sideways.

So what gives? To provide a possible answer, let’s consider the 3-year daily chart of the Dow Jones Transportation Average interposed with the price action of spot-palladium and spot-silver:

While the connection is rarely (if ever) made, there is a recognizable measure of correlation amongst silver, palladium, and the Dow Transportation index. The two precious metals are even more tightly correlated, with one notable exception: there are times when palladium rose and shared an inverse relationship towards silver, as occurred in April 2010 and January 2011. Both times, silver dramatically increased and it remains to be seen whether it will do so again. Palladium is currently trading at $754/oz, roughly 5% above its one-year high. Silver is trading at $29.80, 20% below its one-year high.

Personally, I believe that silver will rise from its current price point but that it is unlikely that we will see a new nominal record being set within the first half of this year. In the immediate time frame, we have to acknowledge the rise of bearish volume in the options market and that could create some “funny business” for the next few weeks. However, whether we are looking at derivatives or the real deal, the overriding sentiment is bullish; therefore, I don’t think this is the time to dump the metals.

Also, I would not want to initiate puts and hope for prices to fall to $19/oz as the derivatives market is not bearish enough for an investor to feel confident that his” hopes in reverse” will pan out favorably. While the Commitment of Traders report suggest that commercial shorts are steadily increasing, so are commercial and non-commercial long positions, and quite dramatically at that.

Clearly, smart money and the insiders are moving into the silver market, and not all of that volume is on the short-side. Therefore, consider the current dynamics in context before making rash decisions in the precious metals sector.

GoldSilver Insider Update from Mike Maloney (Jan 2013)

After US Mint sold out their silver coins (American Silver Eagle) – for twice, Canadian Mint now controlling their available remaining silver very carefully. Alex Reeves (Senior Manager of Communications for Royal Canadian Mint) said, “Due to very high demand for Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins, the Royal Canadian Mint is carefully managing supply to ensure all our bullion distributors are served and we continue to take orders.” This situation proves one thing: the physical supply for silver is extremely tight. It is not easy for many manufacturers to source for physical silver for production. This including Apple could not  produce sufficient of 27 inch new iMac. Click here for previous post.

This is the latest update from Mike Maloney in Gold Silver Insider Program. Mike Maloney is one of the most respected persons in precious metal industry. He studied economy history, understands current economy mess and he has been actively raising global awareness about the role of gold and silver under current troubled economy. Most importantly, Mike realizes the strong fundamental of silver and the potential. He personally invested 90% of his cash into silver.

In Malaysia, many precious metal investors would like to join Mike’s Insider Program for the great information. You can become a member by purchasing 500oz of silver, 10oz of gold, or purchase the membership program outright from GoldSilver.com. The membership program costs USD1,659.10, which is equivalent to RM5,143.21.

Insider Program

First option, 500 oz silver – the silver that offered by GoldSilver.com falls into the category of what I call “less attractive”. There are 2 main categories: coins (legal tender) and large-size silver bars. Buying coins from overseas is an unwise move choice for most retail investors in Malaysia because 15% tax to be paid at Kastam Diraja Malaysia. In other words, you are buying silver 15% more expensive than others. If you can get 15% cheaper from local dealers, why pay 15% extra? The local dealers have their “tricks” to bring their cost lower but we will leave that discussion for another day. Another category is large-size silver like 10oz and 100oz. Large-size silver has lower premium, is value-for-money investment and there is no tax. However the liquidity is relatively low in Malaysia. 10 pieces of 1 oz silver can be sold of much easier compared to 1 piece of 10 oz silver. Imagine this, any middle class working person can afford to start investing in 1 oz of silver for slightly above RM100. But for 10 oz bar that cost more than RM1,000, I’m afraid not too much people can afford. Let alone buy the 100 oz.

Second option,10 oz of gold – due to gold silver ratio is ~50, GoldSilver.com makes the criteria (amount) for getting into the Insider Program at 50 times lesser than silver, which is 10 oz of gold. Gold silver ratio can be calculated by simply dividing gold price with silver price. For example, if today gold price is USD1660.30 while silver price is USD31.28, hence gold silver ratio is 53 (1660.30 / 31.28). Most people buy gold for cultural reasons. For example during Chinese and Indian wedding, people buy jewelry like gold necklace, gold ring and other gold jewelry. For some well-doing Chinese families, new born baby is given gold jewelry too. On the other hand, government central banks keep gold and they hoard gold as an hedge against the decline of USD. While gold is mainly  being hoarded, silver is an industrial metal that being consumed. Do recognize that when the silver is used up, it is gone forever. I have nothing against buying gold, but many facts clearly shown us silver has much greater potential compared to gold, hence allocating more than RM55k to purchase gold (so that the person can get into the insider program) might not be a great plan unless the person has already allocated RM500k for silver.

Third option, purchase the program outright for USD1,659.10, or RM5,143.21. While the information in GoldSilver Insider Program remains great, paying RM5,143.21 for a membership program might not be affordable for many people. In fact the high entrance fee potentially push the genuine learners with low capital away. I always find this ironic, some young and low budget investors usually have limited amount of capital to invest. If the gurus are asking for high cost to get the information, where else would such young and low budget investor find money to invest??

In order to solve this problem, I have written an eBook titled: Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysia that will show you exactly how to invest in silver from your 1st oz until your 1000 oz. The eBook will show you what are the safe methods to invest silver in Malaysia. Where to look for investment-grade silver with lowest price. Mistakes to watch out when investing silver and a lot more tips and tricks for investing silver in Malaysia. In fact you can also join Malaysia Silver Investor Membership for a much affordable fee.

A famous says “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance“. Making a financial mistake is never a fun experience. The eBook contains 100+ pages of great information and 2 bonus reports to guide you step by step investing silver. Click here to find out more.

Robert Kiyosaki: Conspiracy of the Rich

In the latest update (October 4, 2012) of Robert KIyosaki’s Conspiracy of the Rich, he mentioned:

Early in 2012, the ECB, European Central Bank, announced LTRO, which stands for Long Term Refinance Operations: a.k.a. printing money. This is a violation of the Euro’s founding principles.

Last month, US Fed Chairman Bernanke announced QE3: a.k.a. printing $40 billion a month until… until what, I wonder?

The Bank of Japan followed immediately with their own “quantitative easing,” imitating the US and further weaken the purchasing power of the Yen.

What does this mean? It means the central bankers of the world are choosing to “Live today” and “Die tomorrow.” They are “Out of bullets.” They can no longer lower interest rates so they chose to print, print, and print.

Robert then continued discussing about US debt, you can check out the full article here. What I want to bring to your attention is all the major financial power in the world are printing money. When the whole world is printing money, it is close to impossible for our country Malaysia NOT to follow printing money.

Why? The answer is simple. Malaysia produces goods and exports to other countries. When the other countries are printing money, they are devaluing their currencies. Their currencies is weaker than it was. Now, they will need more amount of their currencies to buy the same amount of goods in Malaysia. In other words, Malaysia become expensive.

When this happens, all the other countries will look for cheaper alternative and no longer want to buy from Malaysia, because we are expensive. Our country financial leaders are not going to allow that to happen because when that happens, our Rakyat will have no job, economy will slow down, crime rate will increase, a whole chain effect will happen.

Therefore, our central bank BNM will manipulate our currency (Ringgit) to lose the same amount of value like all the other countries in the world. So that the export activities can continue like nothing happened. Sorry if this is a rude awaken call for you, but the Ringgit you are holding (or inside your bank account) can purchase less and less stuff everyday. Your “money” is losing value due to these money printing activities.

Lastly, Robert ended the article with the following paragraph:

If you are just starting out investing, I suggest you begin by reading a few books and buying a few silver coins. Knowledge and real money, silver and gold, are better than Obama or Romney. — Robert Kiyosaki, October 4, 2012

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James Cameron Silver Investment

Have you heard of the name James Cameron? If no, it’s ok, I didn’t know him too until recently. He is the director for The Terminator (1984), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Titanic (1997), Avatar (2009) and a lot more movies.

I have learn something very useful from this successful man. This is what he said,

“Luck is not a factor, Hope is not a strategy, Fear is not an option.”

That is so true, especially true when come to silver investment.

Luck – when we invest in silver, we are not investing base on luck. In fact, no investment should be done base on luck. We are investing in silver because we understand the fundamental of silver investment. There is a physical shortage for silver, there is price manipulation on silver, gold silver ratio is way too high, silver is being consumed year after year. When we are investing in silver, getting lucky should not be part of the factor why we should invest in silver. Facts that we have been exposed to and learned are the reasons we want to take advantage of the situation through silver investment.

Hope – when we invest in silver, we don’t hope for the price to go down so that we can buy. We also don’t hope for the price would go up after we bought. We learn strategy and formula to identify when is a good time (good opportunity) to buy silver and when is a good time  to sell silver. If you are serious about silver investment, you should check out the book written by Ikram Adi where he shares his strategy and a special formula to forecast price movement in silver investment. Honestly speaking, I would invest in education anytime rather than hope for a good return. If you are interested to see his book, you can download here.

Feara person should not be fearful while investing in silver. Silver price is a very volatile. Within few days, price could drop as much as 30%. If an investor is a fearful investor, investing in silver would give him a heart attack. A person should only invest the amount of money that he can afford to lose. This is preparing for the worst. Fear is not an option. Once a person has done enough homework, he needs to trust himself that he has done his homework well and be fearless with his silver investment decision.

I sincerely hope you will do your homework well and prepare yourself for silver investment to practice what James Cameron said, “Luck is not a factor, Hope is not a strategy, Fear is not an option.” Until next time, enjoy your silver investment journey!

David Morgan Precious Metals Conference


There are many people said that the silver spike toward $50 last year was the peak for the silver market. Don’t be fooled, we heard the same thing in 2008 after silver had hit the $21+ level and during the depths of the financial crash silver sold near the $9 level. While many were being pessimistic, silver expert David Morgan said: Buy! Buy! Buy!

And buy some more! When gold price dropped silver was at the buy of a lifetime…it’s silver investing that could make you rich! One of the most fundamental lesson from David Morgan is “If there is only one thing to teach you about the upcoming silver bull market it is this – 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time!

To prove the point, I have use a 10 year chart from 2002 until 2011. The biggest increase of silver price happened from $16 until $50. The period for that price increase is merely 1 year plus from 2010 to 2011. If you are wondering why silver price is not rising, hold on there. When the time is right, silver price will rise so fast that you cannot believe you see with your eyes. Again, 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time!

By the way, if you are interested to learn a good strategy for silver investment and learning how take advantage of the price fluctuation, Ikram Adi has an eBook that teaches investors in Malaysia how to maximize your profit from silver investment. There is a free case study come together with his eBook, from that case study, he will demonstrate his formula and how he could take advantage from the silver price fluctuation. If are seriously about silver investment and have not read his eBook, I highly recommend you to download now. He will show you some tricks on how to identify the correct time and price to buy and to sell silver. This strategy alone has helped many people (including me) to save and to make a lot of money.

This is a global physical silver rush. Not just in Malaysia. This time is the biggest wealth transfer in human history. It will not be about being a smart real estate investor, or understanding that technology is leading the growth cycle, or the Japanese have a more efficient system. It will be about – FEAR.

How often you hear about people not having enough money in their KWSP / EPF? How many of you worry that there is no enough money in your KWSP / EPF? I do. This is the kind of fear that will cause the global middle class (of course including Malaysians) to rush into silver, which bring physical silver price to unimaginably high. This will be a snow ball effect, when the public start rushing into silver and everyone is buying silver, the price will increase so fast that everyone else would start buying silver.

Until next time, be careful and happy investing in silver!

Ikram Adi Menerangkan Harga Silver Di Malaysia

Sekiranya anda baru menceburi bidang pelaburan silver, harga silver boleh menjadi amat mengelirukan. Ikram Adi telah menyediakan satu video yang menerangkan pengiraan harga silver di Malaysia. Video ini amat memanfaatkan kepada kebanyakkan pelabur silver seperti kita.

Sebelum kita melabur wang kita, saya rasa melabur dalam ilmu adalah paling berbaloi. Belajari pengetahuan dan teknik yang berkesan dalam pelaburan adalah amat penting untuk mendapatkan kepulangan yang maksimum. Sekiranya anda ingin belajar lebih banyak daripada Ikram Adi, anda boleh melayari website beliau iaitu:

Selamat melabur!

Bentuk Apa Nak Beli – Ikram Adi

Ikram Adi merupakan silver expert tempatan kita di Malaysia. Dalam video ini, beliau membincangkan coin, bar and numis dalam pasaran silver Malaysia.

Dalam eBook ini, beliau membincangkan pelbagai jenis silver. Kebaikan, keburukan dan pemandangan beliau tentang jenis silver. Sebelum seseorang melabur dalam silver, seseorang mesti melabur dalam ilmu pengetahuan supaya dapat memaksimumkan keuntungan dan tidak melakukan kesilapan yang boleh dielakkan. Muat turun eBook ini untuk mempelajari pelaburan silver daripada silver expert tempatan kita.