Buy Silver in Malaysia…Now!

Buy Silver in Malaysia…Now!

You can still buy silver in Malaysia with a very good price. Silver price is very likely to soar in the near future. Look, silver can be used in 10,000 different ways. It is the world’s best conductor of heat and electricity. Inventors found so much usage for silver that they have filed more patents on silver uses than any other precious metals in the world. Note that silver is used mostly in industrial and technological production; when it is used, it is gone forever because it costs too much to recycle the little bit of silver. It is simply not cost effective for any business to do so.

Please do not mistaken that the manufacturing industry is going to use up all the silver in the whole world. The probability is very little, but the little supply of silver would be a major issue soon. For the past few years, the world have been consuming silver very rapidly. It leaves very little left for investors to play with. The market is waiting for one ‘relevant’ financial crisis could easily send silver price to the sky. Silver in Malaysia will be no exception.

Here is a table that shows the percentage of usage of silver categorized by the usage and year, for the past 4 years:

As you could notice, only 12% of the silver pump into the market has been used to make bullion in 2010. That means there was only about 100 million ounces of silver became bullion…for the entire world! Do you know what is the world population? It’s not even enough for 1 person to own 1oz of silver now. I can safely bet that most of the people who are reading this owns more than 10oz of physical silver. Some even already owned more than 100oz of silver in Malaysia or in overseas. It is a very simple economy scenario, when there is more demand than supply, the price of the good (silver) goes up up up!

If the silver in the world is to be equally distributed, this is what you will see. Everyone person could only own 1/14 of oz of silver.

Now ask yourself, how many oz of silver have you already owned?

Nevertheless, silver is one of the most volatile assets for investment. Even my trading guru urged us not to touch (trade) silver until we are really good with the game. (Well, that is another story in paper silver and technical analysis). Over the history, silver has significant price swings including an 81% rally and two 30% drops. If you have invested in silver in Malaysia in 2011, you would feel the pain. Those price swings forced a lot of traders to liquidate their silver holding for whatever cash usage for their capital.

Anyway the long term movement for gold and silver are still in uptrend. Asian economies (especially China & India) are getting richer, they have very strong culural sentimental for loving precious metal. Similarly in Malaysia, there has been more people are buying gold and silver in Malaysia in the last 24 months. In addition, the Western countries have lived beyond their mean for a long long time. The liabilities and debts can only be paid back by their creative Quantity Easing (QE1, QE2, QE3…).

Hence, I urge everyone who is reading this, go ahead and buy some silver in Malaysia. Store it. One day you might be grateful that you have read this article.

I hope you have enjoy reading Buy Silver in Malaysia…Now!.

5 thoughts on “Buy Silver in Malaysia…Now!

    • how many oz of silver you should own is per individual. there isn’t any fixed answer for this question. it really depend to your financial ability. for example if someone ask, how much property should he buy? thats not an easy question to answer :) as a start, try aim to achieve 20oz of silver. if after u achieved 20oz and your gut feeling is telling you to buy more, then aim for 50oz. of course u dont have to buy it at 1 go. you can slowly achieve it in a time frame that you feel comfortable.

      for china minted bar / coin, unless it a very big discount from the internationally recognized silver, else i would stay away from it. there has been some reputable seller are selling silver from hong kong / china. but i have not personally buy from it. if you are really buying it, be cautious, do your research well before spending your hard earn money.

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