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This is a review on one of the most active silver sellers in Malaysia. Asiana Sulong has been selling her silver in Facebook for some times, I have bought from her 2 times. Overall I’m happy dealing with her except there is a little misunderstanding in the delivery process but gratefully we managed to sort it out.

Anyone who has bought from Asiana Sulong before might probably recognize the following picture. In fact, I published the photo on my Facebook and immediately there was a friend commented on it saying “It must be Asiana Sulong packing!“.

During my purchase – upon completing the payment, the she sent me a message in Facebook (or SMS, can’t recall) that she has shipped out my items and has given me a “free gift” known as Pampers, she said she usually sell it. I couldn’t make any head and tail. I was telling myself it COULDN’T be the baby wearing kind diapers. I was expecting “Pampers” is some kind of accessories for precious metal like an airtite or some kind of protector that I never heard of. Finally when my package arrived, to my surprised, the package is wrapped in a baby Pampers! It’s kinda funny to look at precious metal being wrapped in baby diapers, but when come to think about it, it’s such a good idea to use baby diapers to wrap the package. First it is good shock absorberĀ and second it could also absorb the metal sound when they contact each other inside the tube. Good job!

Another good point about her is the free plastic zip lock. For buyer who buy small quantity amount of silver that do not make up to 1 tube of coin, she gives free plastic zip lock. Personally I feel this is a very thoughtful act for the buyer. I’m sure this plastic zip lock do not cost more than a Ringgit but it makes all the difference for a buyer. Many buyer who buy small quantity would have a problem of storing and protecting the coin. A proper airtite could easily cost RM2.00 if one is buy in small quantity. Therefore this plastic zip lock that she giving out is such a value added “free gift” that buyer would like.

Generally speaking, Asiana Sulong gives a very good price selling her silver. It is among the cheapest in silver market in Malaysia. From her posting, it seems like she bought really large amount from overseas and distribute in local market. Best of all, she also allows mix and match for her products to make up the minimum amount of silver so that could enjoy her package price.

Asiana Sulong is definitely one of the recommended sellers in Malaysia!

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