American Silver Eagle July 2013

American Silver Eagle coin is the best tool to benchmark the demand for physical silver. The sales number is very complete compared to other coins, and the demand is great all over the world.


In the first three months of 2013, investors were purchasing American Silver Eagle Coins at an average ratio of 48 to 1 to gold eagles. 48 to 1 ratio simply means for every 1 oz of American Gold Eagle Coin is sold, there are another 48oz of American Silver Eagle Coins are sold.

On April, ratio felt to 20 as investors found gold which dropped $200 in two days is a significant bargain. However, that does not mean silver did not gain investors’ attention. Total amount of American Silver Eagle coins sold in April was 4.087 million oz, which is higher than 2 previous months (February 3.369 million oz and March 3,357 million oz).

The ratio has went back up to 49 in May and slightly increased to 57 in June.

What I want to bring to your attention is the sales closed in July. US Mint has sold total of 4.407 million oz of silver, making July the second highest sales month for American Silver Eagle coins. (Traditionally, January is always the highest month due to market demand for new year design).

The ratio is 87, which means for every 1 oz of gold is sold, another 87 oz of silver is sold! (the following chart is slightly outdated as the figure does not reflect the final week in month of July)


Total sales number of American Silver Eagle (ASE) coin is another interesting number to watch. Since 2007, total oz sold by US Mint is increasing noticeably. It reaches the peak in 2011 with almost 40 million oz sold. The interest of ASE peaked in 2011 as silver price dropped more than 30% in early May 2011.

Another interesting year to watch is year 2013. The latest sales number released by US Mint is 29.45 million oz as end of July 2013. This number has exceed the total sales number for whole year of 2009 (28.77 million oz). It is only slightly below year 2010 (34.67 million oz) and year 2012 (33.74 million oz) respectively. It is also just another approximately 10 million oz difference from the all time peak in year 2011 (39.87 million oz). Without a doubt, 2013 will mark a new history for ASE total sales BEFORE year end.

The reason for such strong demand for ASE coins is due to low silver price and investors believe it is a bargain to buy silver at such cheap price. In fact, the demand for ASE coin was so great that US Mint has suspended their sales twice in the last 12 months (December 2012 and January 2013) – stating US Mint has to replenish their inventory.


Base on what happened in 2011 and what we are experiencing in 2013, apparently the lower silver price goes, the stronger the demand for physical silver. Silver is a precious metal that has limited supply on earth. The question is… how long can this sustain? And will you be holding physical silver when silver price explodes?

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American Silver Eagle Malaysia Rating

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3 thoughts on “American Silver Eagle July 2013

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  2. Dear Mr Daniel Foo,

    What do you think about invest in Coloured Silver Commemorative issue by Bank Negara (made of Fine Silver with 999 purity and weighs 31.10 grams) ?
    Do you provide the catalogue for us to buy the Silver coin online through you.


    • Hi Kuan Fah, for Coloured Silver Commemorative I recommend you only buy small quantity for collection purpose and not betting on a high return on that coin. This coin has high premium compared to a plain silver coin (such as American Silver Eagle). The issue you need to be aware with collection item is the coin might not be able to sell off easily. You keep the coin for your own appreciation. Whether you can sell it off or not, it should not concern you too much. Keep this mindset for collection coin and you will be fine.

      Sorry, I do not have a catalog as I do not sell silver.

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