American Silver Eagle 2012 in Malaysia

American Silver Eagle (ASE) is one of the most popular silver coins in Malaysia. Year 2012  has arrived and unfortunately at the point of writing this, there is still no sign for ASE appearing in Malaysia silver the market yet. Apmex has started selling it, I’m sure some of the local silver distributors have bought them and perhaps waiting for the arrival to Malaysia.  I’m one of the people who has been expecting and waiting to own at least a piece of it to appreciate the beauty of the coin.

A lot of collectors and investors bought  American Silver Eagle not only for the beautiful design but also for the liquidity (how easy to sell it off if a person need to convert the silver in cash). Mike Maloney once said his favorite silver coin is ASE too!

American Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coins of the United States. It was first released in year 1986, ASE has a face value of 1 dollar and is usually traded at a percentage above spot silver price. This coin features the Walking Liberty design that was originally used between year 1916 and 1947 on the obverse of the half-dollar coin. This design by Adolph A. Weinman was deemed such a coinage classic, as well as public favorite, that it was revived for the modern American Silver Eagle years later. On the reverse of these beautiful coins is an eagle designed by John Mercanti. Below is the specification of American Silver Eagle:

So when can we start seeing American Silver Eagle 2012 in Malaysia silver market? Are you waiting for it too?

3 thoughts on “American Silver Eagle 2012 in Malaysia

  1. Do you know anyone who has good reputation of selling ASE silver? And mind to share the tips of ways to sell out the silver once hit the target price based on the market silver price??

    • Hi Ricky, I have bought many ASE myself. I can recommend 2 sellers to you. I have personally dealt with them before. If you wish, tell them that you are referred by me (the website owner of, who knows they might give you a special price, no guarantee though 😛
      They are:
      1. Asiana Sulong
      2. Chef

      For selling silver once it hits your target price, stay tuned, I will be talking about it in my website!

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