American Eagle Silver – Sold Out!

American Silver Eagle 2012

American Silver Eagle (ASE) is one of my favourite silver bullion coins. Apart from the beautiful design, ASE also has relatively low premium and high liquidity (easy to be sold off), which makes it an excellent option for silver investment in Malaysia.

Last week (17th December 2012), US Mint informed authorized purchasers that ASE 2012 had sold out and no additional ASE 2012 would be struck. The new ASE 2013 will only be available for order in 7th January 2013.

Well, this does NOT necessary means silver shortage has begun. It merely means US Mint has finished selling their ready inventory. Today in Malaysia, you can still buy ASE from many different dealers for a price from RM110 to RM136 depending which dealers and the quantity you are buying from. The good news is, ASE is still very affordable for many people to buy as silver investment.

Two advice for you when you invest in ASE:

  1. Do not rush to buy the “newest” ASE 2013 when it is available in Malaysia silver market. Regardless which coins, the 1st or the early batch of the coins are more expensive than when it is few weeks or months later. Few years down the road, your “1st batch coin” or the few months later batch make no difference. So, why pay more? The additional premium you paid for getting the early batch means nothing except that you get to hold a new ASE 2013 coin earlier than everyone else. That’s it.
  2. ASE premium does not appreciate itself like other collectible silver items. ASE truly walks the talk of “1 oz of silver is 1 oz of silver”. Regardless how old your ASE coin is, your ASE coins always worth the same with ASE coins of other years. Some investors see this as a form of disadvantage for ASE coins. If you are looking for coins that appreciate in value regardless of spot price, you should consider numismatic coins or semi-numismatic such as Panda coin.

In my eBook Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysia, I have given the following rating for American Silver Eagle coins:

American Silver Eagle Malaysia Rating

In the eBook, you will learn many other silver coins, silver round and silver bar. I also discuss in detailed what are the factors that you should consider before investing in any particular silver. In fact, there are some silver items you should totally avoid!

Practical Guide For Investing Silver In Malaysia is an eBook specifically written with a Malaysian’s context for silver investment. You will learn different strategies, tips and tricks you never thought of in silver market. Please click here to find out more.

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