Ah Yu Electronic Scale

Ah Yu, one of the silver accessories sellers in Facebook. I bought an 2000 gram electronic scale from him. The accuracy for the electronic scale is up to 0.01 oz and 0.1 gram respectively. The cost is RM 75.

Here are some of the coins, rounds and bars I have that I used the electronic scale to measure their weight. The following image is my latest collection American Silver Eagle 2012. You might barely see the “2012” in front of the coin, but the device shows the coin weight perfectly at 1.00oz.

Ah Yu Electronic Scale

Next, I also use the device to weight my 1oz Buffalo coin (that I bought from Asiana Sulong), but this time is in gram mode. The device allow the user to weight in several modes, but so far I could only understand gram mode and ounce mode. Well, as you know, 1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams, so when I switch it to gram mode, the device is showing 31.1 grams for my 1 oz Buffalo coin as below:

Then, I also used it to weight my 0.5 kilo bar from MySmartGold. Again, the electronic scale has weighted the bar exactly same with the weight minted on the bar – up to the decimal point 500.0 gram!

This is the most expensive bars I have. PAMP SUISSE 1 kilo bar that I bought from 1StopGold. I have wrapped the bar with a thin later of plastic, therefore you will see the weigh on the device is extra 1 gram heavier.

As you can see, all the above demonstrations showed the device is working fine. Once in a while, it is quiet fun to take out the precious metal collection and weight them to ensure all the metal is at perfect weight.

I have to give 5 stars to Ah Yu‘s service as he is one of the most responsible sellers I have ever seen. Nice dealing with you Ah Yu!

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    • I have clarified with 1StopGold, they are still selling PAMP SUISSE and not MMTC-PAMP. At the point of writing this, business as usual, but not sure if they will change their product soon.

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