2 Months Cycle

Few days back in my previous posting, I mentioned now is a good time to buy some silver. Today, I will show you another reason why you should buy silver now.

Looking at the following chart, there is a 2-months cycle happening in the trend. Since November 2011, market comes down for 2 months (until January), up for 2 months (until March), and down again for 2 months (until May). Right now, we are at the end of the last cycle which is start in March. If the trend continues, we can expect a change of direction in silver price.

Together with the head and shoulder pattern. now is a good time to buy some silver.

If you are interested to learn more about technical analysis and forecast the movement of price, please consider reading this book written by Ikram Adi where he explains one simple and effective formula to forecast silver price movement. Click here to download

Until next time, happy investing silver in Malaysia!


2 thoughts on “2 Months Cycle

    • Hi Seng, the chart is suggesting price would move upward in early May. As of today, 10th May, price is stuck at $29 resistance. It might break $29 and go down to test $26 or it might behave as the chart suggest, shoot back up for the next 2 months. The thing is, no one can accurately forecast what the market movement is. Hope this helps :)

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