1StopGold Malaysia

1StopGold Malaysia


Greeting from 1StopGold Malaysia

I bought several PAMP SUISSE silver bars from 1StopGold in earlier of this year (2011). Today, as year end is approaching, they have sent a season greeting card as an “appreciation for your support throughout the year”…well, that’s what written on the card.

I sincerely feel this little act has touched my heart a little although there has been disagreement between us. The most interesting about the card is they printed a customized card (rather than those that people buy from bookstore) and many of the staffs signed on it (rather than a simple company stamp). I found this is very refreshing. I received many cards from people throughout the year, but I have to admit this is one of the most special card I have ever received.

They have wide range of silver product but apparently you can buy the silver bar easily. Other silver products that they offer require buying in volume and pre-order. You can look at the silver bar they are offering at: 1StopGold Malaysia However do note that the price they put up on their website is not updated live. For proper quotation on how much is for 1 kg silver bar, you will have to call in and get a official quotation / sales confirmation from them.

One cheer for 1StopGold Malaysia !

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